Biting the bullet!

I remember about 6 or 7 years ago, I used to be on Vampire Freaks, and was a member of lots of forums and would happily post on all of them, yet now I am on Ravelry and a member of a variety of groups, which until today I have never posted in any of the forums. Today is the day I bite that bullet and actually strike up conversation on these groups. I guess partly because I find it hard to know what to say to people it can take me ages to even get round to saying something. Plus I don’t like to jump into things and be all “Me Me Me”.

Anyhow there we go, hello people :). Here’s some pictures of my beautiful bunny girls.


My happy rabbits

Well I’m happy to say that both Freya and Echo are as happy as ever. I had Freya parading around me with sheets of paper this morning. Then Freya did a big flop and roll over to show how contended she is. I’m glad their both happy bunnies.
I’ve slowly been getting on with knitting a pair of fingerless mittens for my best friend. The colour I’ve choosen picks out on the the colours in the striped scarf that I knitted for her. I’m still on the first on, mainly because I’ve been reading a lot lately. Its about time I got round to finishing some books. After I’ve finish her mittens I’m going to carry on with my blanket, and hopefully get on knitting something that my mum might like.
I recently finished reading Terry Pratchetts Dodger, and its very very good. I really liked it, but then I am a Terry Pratchett fan. Just as much as I’m a Tolkien fan. Saying that I’ve started to read the Hobbit again, as it is one of my favourite books, though everytime I read it I wish that the ending had been a little different.

Not much left to do


A picture of my lovely little Echo playing with a cardboard tube, as usual playing means mauling. She doesn’t go down Freya’s route of lolloping around the kitchen shaking sheets of paper.

Update on my knitting, I’ve one final section left to finish off pf the bag made from excess wool for my lovely mummy. Then I can start stitching it together :), I’m very pleased. As far as the jumper I’m making goes, I’ve done both sleeves and am now on to knitting the body of it, I think that providing I knit that nearly continually for the next couple of weeks it will be all done and ready for xmas. I’m so pleased.

Another clean out day!

My beautiful bunnies, Freya and Echo are getting their twice weekly clean out today. Of course I have plenty of other things to do before starting to clean my little monsters out. Like some ironing, as usual Echo seems very interested in the ironing board legs, especially the feet, I think that if I left her alone with it she’d try to chew it to bits. As Echo and Freya have to be kept separate due to Echo constantly trying to dominate Freya and Freya refusing to submit, I’ll be cleaning Echo out first and then on to Freya once Echo has been put away.

The good thing is that Echo is much better at using the litter tray now, she used to refuse point blank to go near it, and would keep trying to get behind Freya’s hutch. But since putting boards up to stop Echo getting behind Freya’s hutch and putting the litter tray in Echo’s favourite piddle corner things have got a lot better.

Its a shame that both Freya and Echo insist on trying to nibble at my knitting or I’d be getting on with knitting my dads cardigan, as I’ve managed to start the right hand side now and am just starting to work on the pocket, its easier than I thought it would be, but then I’ve been making sure to work out exactly what the pattern is asking me to do, as I don’t want to make any mistakes. I even managed to do my first increasing cast on, which I’m pleased with.

Once I get to be good enough at knitting, I’ll try to explain things better when it comes to knitting, but right now I’m still learning myself so I’ll leave the explaining to people who have more than half a clue about what their doing.

Right I’m being nudged in the ankle by an impatient Echo, I get the feeling she might be wanting a little attention. So I’ll finished off here, as if I don’t give attention when she wants it, she is likely to start digging into my ankle. She definately doesn’t know what subtle is unlike Freya, who is much more placid and would more than likely just flop at my feet instead of trying to attack them, but this is why I love them both.

Knitting, my beautiful bunnies and the Cruxshadows!

Well I can’t wait for the new Cruxshadows album to arrive, really can’t wait, the songs they played from it at their gig on Saturday 28th July 2012 were absolutely amazing. So to prepare myself for listening to it nearly constantly, I’m listening to them nearly constantly, as luckly me, I’ve got all of their albums and singles (well all bar the remixed songs, can’t abide remixes).
So my morning is almost as perfect as can be, I have my beautiful beasties (Freya and Echo my wonderfully beautiful bunny rabbits) for company in the kitchen, I’ve got my knitting to keep me busy, and I’ve got the amazing Cruxshadows to listen to. If heaven existed then this would be pretty damned close.
I’m currently working my way through knitting a long chunky striped scarf as a Christmas pressie for Sara (my best friend). And I’m also working my way knitting my mum a long ribbed scarf for Christmas too. I’m going to attempt knitting my brothers and my dad hats for Christmas. I know its early to be thinking about Christmas, but if I don’t start early then I doubt what I’m making them will be ready in time.
Back to thinking about the awesome Cruxshadows. I want to attempt knitting some items for myself with the Cruxshadows ‘symbol’ on, I just need to work out how I can’t work it into the designs of the things I would like to make for myself.

Funny bunny..

Freya was sniffing round Echo’s cage, standing on her back legs with the feet on the top of Echo’s cage. Its probably because when she goes in that corner and stands on her back legs I give her treats, but I’m not in the corner, so she didn’t get treats till I walked over and got them out, and then she tried to climb my leg to get at them. Its so funny when she does that. She’s now gone to lounge in her newly cleaned out cage, she looks sleepy :D.

I suppose once the bunnies have been put away for the day I’ll start vacuuming and put the rubbish out for collection. I’m still waiting for my council tax bill to turn up, as of yet they’ve not made any alternations, yet they should as now I’m entitled to a discount. Plus last time they changed my account number when my details changed, so I would assume that they would do that this time also. Until they send me my bill there is no point in me paying out any money to them as I don’t know how much to pay and into what account.

My wrap is going well, probably not as well or as quickly as it should, but lately I’m stopping and starting, I’m not always in the mood to knit, and when I am I’m doing other things at the same time, or I don’t have time to do so. But then its a hobby, its not essential that I do it all the time. I shall have to see if I can get an extra ball of yarn this week or next week if I can.

Right off to sort out cleaning up after the bunnies 😀

What a beautiful morning!

Wow, for the first morning in a while I’ve looked out the window and thought “Oooo what a beautiful sunny day”. I hope it stays like this all week now. Although I’ve got to go to work to cover a shift tomorrow it’d be nice to not feel chilly for once.

I’ve just given my big Freya a insecticidal treatment, it’ll be little Echo’s turn tomorrow. I thought what with it being milder I’d better make sure their not likely to get fleas or anything else horrible. Plus to make Freya feel better I gave her a piece of banana, after all not only did I give her an insecticidal treatment, I also gave her rear a bit of a clean up. The reason I clean Freya’s rear is because she finds it hard to reach without falling over, so  to make sure that it gets done and that there aren’t any nastys down there I do it. The reason Freya finds it hard to reach without falling over is because she injured her left leg when she was a baby, and although there wasn’t anything that the vet could do to make it better as it appeared to be a soft tissue injury it doesn’t support her weight very well when she tries to clean. But enough of talking about my Freya’s bottom.

Today I need to clean the bedroom, and also make sure that it is clear of anything that might get in the way as I’m suppose to be having some new furniture delivered tomorrow. Which hopefully will turn up in the morning before I have to go to work, or I’ll have to take the bus to work instead of getting a lift. And I’ll have to wait till Thursday before I can rearrange the furniture in the bedroom. Thinking about it, I might swap some items of furniture around today, as it makes more sense to move them sooner rather than later. After all if I’m cleaning, I might as well move things which I need moving today.

I don’t know how I’ll manage to fit in any knitting today, but I’ll try, after all I need to finish the blanket that I’ve started making sooner rather than later. I need to knit at least 36 more squares I think. So it might take me a while longer.

Anyway, time to get on with putting my beautiful Freya away and start my house work.