Honeymoon & Calm

Well that’s the wedding natter nearly over with, there might be little added into my honeymoon and finished object chatter, but I will try to keep it to a minimum.

First things first, I need to back track to two days before my wedding. Not only was it the day I saw my favourite band (The Cruxshadows) with my best friend. But it was the day I could say that I had finally finished my Ariene jumper, the pattern for this is in Rowan Tweed Collection, and is lovely. it is a shame however that it is knitted flat, this is something I dislike, but when I started it I didn’t have the correct needles or the energy to engineer knitting it in the round, plus I am not entirely sure it would have worked out terribly well if I had knitted it in the round. However long story short, knitting a jumper, admittedly a slightly shorter jumper than the pattern recommends, flat is no mean feat, in fact I would go so far as to say it is a little tedious. I would say that it was made even more tedious by the fact that it was knitted on 2.75 mm & 3.25 mm needles (not my favourite needle size). But I have to say that it was worth all the effort, because damned, even if I do say so myself, it looks good. I love the yarn I chose to knit this jumper with, it is absolutely lovely. The yarn I used is Eden Cottage Yarns Milburn 4ply, I chose Damson and Grey, and I think they look lovely together. the pattern is for three colours, but I subbed the second colour with Damson.

I would have liked some better pictures of this jumper, but I had already waited over a week before getting photos of it so, these will have to do.

Now on to my honeymoon natter, so after a brief reception at our house, both me and my husband left to go to London on the train. I have to say I really love the journey down to London, it is slightly therapeutic. As with every other journey I made sure to take a knitting project, as you never know when you will get the opportunity to knit, and although I love buying yarn and looking and knitting patterns I wanted our honeymoon to be about us and not just me. I had already made a lot of our honeymoon about me and things that I love, for example my best friend had bought us tickets to go and see my favourite band (The Cruxshadows) at the Garage in Highbury on the Sunday.

I have to say that the hotel we stayed at was wonderful, I was astonished to find fruit in our room when we arrived, plus I hadn’t expected for there to be a bath in the bathroom, every hotel I’ve ever stayed in has only had a shower in the bathroom, so me being me, I had to make the most of a nice bath every morning (like you do).

On the Sunday (the day after our wedding), before seeing my favourite band live, we decided to go and have a wander around The British Museum, I’ve been wanting to do that for ages. I have to say it is well worth visiting. Admittedly the only reason I wanted to go there was to see all the Egyptian artifacts, especially the mummies, having had a thing for mummies and Egyptian history since I was about 8 it was kind of a big deal to me. I really enjoyed looking around the museum. I could have spent a lot longer looking at the mummies, but they did freak out my husband a bit so I thought it only fair that we spend a while looking around parts of the museum he wanted to see as well.

As for the concert on Sunday night, it was absolutely fantastic. I would happily see all of the support bands again. One of the supports, Bad Pollyanna, also supported The Cruxshadows at their Manchester gig, so I knew they would be amazing (and I wasn’t disappointed), but I didn’t know what to expect from Bella Morte and Among the Echoes. I have to say I was nicely surprised by both of them, I really enjoyed seeing them live. My husband like Among the Echoes so much that he bought their album, he had expected to not really like much of them music as we both have slightly different tastes. One thing that I really didn’t expect during the Cruxshadows performance was for Rogue to congratulate me and my husband on our recent marriage, my best friend had been very sneaky and asked him if he would do that, so surprised and very happy. I am again reminded of how awesome and lovely the Cruxshadows and Rogue are.

On Monday we tried to have a slow relaxing day, we went to Camden down the tow path, it was peaceful and made me love London more. I did get frustrated in Cyberdog and Saisai though, I couldn’t decided on weather or not to buy various things, so decided to wait till after food, but ended up not going back as we were getting tired by then. I did however get to try an amazing Cookie sandwich from Cookies and Scream (there is a reason I would love to live closer to Camden), it was so tasty.

Although we only spent two days pottering around London, I had an amazing time, I love our trips down there. and I love spending quality time with my husband (I also love being able to call him my husband).

I am happy to say that over a week on we are still happy to have got married :D.

More finished projects to appear in my next post, I have now finished the project I started on my honeymoon plus I knitted my first pair of socks, But I will post about these separately.


Saturday 28th July 2012 “This Memory is a monument that will always stand for you”

Saturday 28th July 2012 was a simply amazing day. In truth the events of the day still haven’t completely sunk in. I find the more I speak about it, the more I write about it, the more I feel completely overwhelmed by what happened.
I’ve loved the music of The Crüxshadows since I first heard it in 2006, having been recommended it through last.fm. Although I’ve changed last.fm accounts since then (due to personal reasons), I’ve kept on listening to them continually. I’ve found listening to them really helps me through particularly hard times, like my dad being in hospital for 3 months, various break ups, and hard times at work. I’ve found them a constant source of solitude in dark times, but also an amazing band to listen to whatever mood I may be in (and I have plenty of different ones).
When I saw that they would be touring the UK (it must have been late March, around the same time as I was going through a deeply emotional time) I knew I had to go, and more to the point I realised that I had inadvertently booked the weekend of 28th July off along with the following week, before even finding out about this tour. It must have been meant for me to have something amazing to look forward to, at least this is what I thought at the time.
So I arranged with Sara (my closest friend, I’ve known her nearly 10 years), and her husband, to go and see them on the final day of their UK tour (Saturday 28th July) at the O2 Academy Islington. We were a little worried about it because it coincided with a very well publicised event I don’t want to associate this blog with. But we booked it regardless, because Sara has always wanted to show be Camden, and what better time to see Camden than before going to see a band we both love.
So down to London we went on Saturday, and were amazed at how relatively quiet it seemed. I do have to say I will want to see Camden again, I guess I’ve always perceived London as being too big, and expected that I wouldn’t like it at all, so it was a lovely surprised to see that its actually reasonably likeable.
I also found it quite amazing when we actually saw the Crüxshadows on the tube out of Camden (can’t say that I’d expected that). It made me love them even more, seeing that they were so ‘normal’ (knowing that there is no such thing as normal, and that ‘goths’ are never classed as ‘normal’). I suppose by normal I mean, that they aren’t pretentious.
So after going to Clapham to our hotel to drop bags off and change for the concert we headed back out to Islington to find the O2 Academy and to hopefully get a decent place in the queue. Which we did, it was relatively easy to find and we were quite close to the front. When we got inside after waiting a while for the place to open we managed to position ourselves right in front of the stage, which I’m very glad of (although my ears weren’t so thankful afterwards).
The three bands who preformed beforehand, Global Citizen, Kommand+Kontrol and AlterRed were very good, and I’m definately glad that we arrived early so that we got to see them perform. In fact the set of AlterRed was amazing, I loved the show they put on, it was brilliant, and I’d love to see them again if I got the chance.
So the lead up to the Crüxshadows was very good, and once they appeared on stage, I must say they didn’t disappoint (far from it). I loved the way that Rogue appeared from the audience to start with. I also loved the way he kept going back in and reappearing out of it. I must say that the bands performance was amazing. I love how beautifully both JoHanna and David play violin (it makes me wish I’d put more effort in with my violin playing, and wasn’t simply mediocre). In fact I can’t get the way either of them out of my head, I seem to have focused rather a lot on their playing and the way they look. Plus I loved the way that Jessica and Jenne danced so beautifully, they both looked simply fabulous. Although my attention wasn’t drawn as much to Jen (Pyro) as she was at the back behind a load of synths, she was equally amazing, as was Mike (but the same applies to him as to Jen, my attention was more on JoHanna and David’s playing). I will say this, as a whole the band put on amazing performance, and I was completely blown away. But the best was saved till last, and by then I’m sure I’d almost sung myself horse by singing along loudly (despite being a terribly singer) to all the songs I knew the words to.
The last song they did was Marilyn, My Bitterness, and I will never forget this one as I remember the beautiful Jessica taking me by the hand and leading me to the side of the stage, to join the band on stage with other members of the audience. I found that simply amazing. I can say I never, never expected to have that happen.
But it didn’t end there the audience was invited to join them at Slimelight to meet them properly for autographs and photos. All I can say is I’ll never forget being hugged by Rogue or David, and I’ll never forget being told by Rogue that I have a very pretty name, or by JoHanna that she liked my dress as its very cute. I hope one day to eventually see them all again. As seeing them was so completely brilliant, and so totally unforgettable. Its no wonder I can’t stop thinking about it, wishing I could go back and experience it all over again.
I wish I had more confidence, and didn’t simply freeze up, or find it so hard to speak to people I don’t know but would love to know better, I need to overcome this, because I really wanted to say more to them, I really wanted to, but simply found it too hard (not because I idolise them, but because I lack self-confidence, and because I’m too shy for my own good).
I will keep on trying to overcome my lack of confidence, and I will keep hoping to meet them again. As because of them I’m slowly rediscovering my confidence to wear the clothes I love, and slowly managing to make myself do things I was afraid to do before for fear of ridicule. I will never regret those words I have tattooed upon my wrist, Live Love Be Believe, and I will add to those with the crüxshadow sign.