I am so forgetful sometimes. I can’t believe I forgot to post a completed project. Especially something I was really pleased to have finished.

So here are the Stevenson mitts I completed last month. The pattern is called Stevenson Gauntlets and is by Kate Davies it can be found in her Colours of Shetland book. I love these mitts, I call them mitts because their shorter than the pattern suggests you make them, this is due to my being a little short of of colour, but wanting to use up that particular colour. I knitted them in Eden Cottage Yarns BFL Sock and Eden Cottage Yarns Milburn 4ply. The BLF Sock colourway I used was Wild Raspberry and the Milburn 4ply colours I used were Damson and Grey.

I knitted these as a side project while I was making the maple leaf shawl for my best friend.

In other news, I will be writing up another post soon as I have a finished project to post up, but as it is a birthday gift (yes another one) I want to wait till the person in question has received her gift.



Where to being, by that  I mean there isn’t really a beginning to my tales today. One is my current knitting project, which is progressing beautiful and feels super yummy (oh happy days) and the other is in relation to my back/shoulder/neck/arm pain (which is non-fibro related).

I guess I will start with my pain, which despite being on twice daily doses of Naproxen is still as noticeable as ever. One of my problems is that I am sure that my fibromyalgia aggravates the intensity of the pain to an extent. I know I have trouble relaxing at the best of times, but over the last year this pain has increased to a point where at times I can barely stand it. For the last week I have been waiting to hear about a physio appointment, which with any luck will eventually lead to less pain, luckily for me I got a letter today about this. The unfortunately part is that I have to ring them to arrange the appointment, not my forté, so I will be putting it off till tomorrow. I find it hard to psych myself up to make phone calls, I know they shouldn’t be hard, but for me sometimes they can be nearly impossible. So I am currently making a point of listening to a lot of Crüxshadows songs because they usually help me motivate myself in the right direction.or at least make me feel like I can do something that I find hard to do.

In regards to my current knitting project, I am knitting a jumper from Rowan Tweed, the pattern is called Ariene, it recommends using three colours, but I decided to substitute one of the colours with the main colour instead and just work with two colours. I am knitting it in Eden Cottage Yarns Milburn 4ply, the colours I am using are Damson and Grey, I got them in a sale not long before Christmas last year. I’m making it slightly shorter than recommended in the pattern as I want it to go with my 50’s style skirts and dresses. At the moment I’m most of the way through working the back.


I really do love this yarn. It’s so soft and squishy. For me this is a bit of a treat, usually if I’m knitting with what I class as “luxury” yarn I stick to shawls, but I decided that once in a while it doesn’t hurt to treat myself to a super yummy wool for jumpers.

Anyhow, time to get on with some yoga then housework before I go out in the garden with my hoppy bunny girls.

Something dressy

I am super pleased with my latest finished object, a while ago I found a pattern for a dress on Ravelry which I just had to have. That pattern is called Maddie and is by Purl Alpaca Designs. It is lovely, and I will definately have to knit another one. I substituted the recommended yarn with Kauni Wool 8/2 Effektgarn, which is gorgeous, I chose the black/grey/purple colour way, as black and purple are my favourite colours. I wanted to see what the dress would look like knit in a multicoloured yarn. When I knit it again I will use a solid colour yarn.

This is how my dress turned out, I love it, it feels super pretty and warm. The sleeves in the pattern come to just above the elbow, I wanted long sleeves that reached to my wrist so I modified them, and tapered them up so that they weren’t too loose, also modified the body slightly as I realised it was turning out quite long, and I am a little short (5ft3 to be exact).

Currently projects!

A little list of my current works in progress. Only five, one has been an on and off project for nearly three years which I really must finish, another is a crochet project which I’ve been meaning to finish, all but one are for me.

This is the one current project which isn’t for me, it’s going to be a shawl for my mum (her Mother’s Day gift).


The colour is a little different to the photo shows, it’s more blue than purple.

This is my newest work in progress, I think it is going to fun working with this wool, it’s Kauni Wool 8/2 Effektgarn, it’s sportweight and transitions from black through grey to purple and back again, it’s beautiful. I’m knitting myself a dress in this.


This is the project that I have been working off and on for nearly three years, it’s my patchwork blanket, I guess I keep getting distracted by other knitting projects.


I am am currently blocking this project having finished knitting it, it is a cropped cardigan, after blocking it I will sew ribbon on to the back of the button bands for added stability and some buttons. Looking forward to being able to wear this.


And finally my my crochet project, I am making a rabbit, this is just the head, I have done the ears and part of an arm, I will hopefully have this finished soon.


And that that is all my current projects. Looking forward to finishing them all.

Another Cardigan Down

Cute And Cropped Cardigan

I finally finished knitting this cardigan today, the photo above is of the cardigan pre-blocking. I’ve since washed this cardigan, and laid it out on my dining table with lots of colourful pins in it (blocked it). I’m debating the merits of cutting up some scappy fabric I have kicking around and using it to stablise the button bands (as the grosgrain ribbon I have is too wide for the button bands on this cardigan). As I often have problems with button band stability I’m swaying in favour of this idea, but at the same time I know it will mean me either figuring out how to use the sewing machine my mum lent me, or hand stitching around the fabric first, its a silk kaftan that is beyond repair. I have already decided to use more pretty rabbit buttons (I need to buy more of those soon, maybe some different ones).

The yarn I used wasn’t the weight recommended for the pattern, as the smallest size avaliable to knit was a 34″ bust, which would have been too big as I have 32″ bust. So instead of trying to find a nice worsted weigh wool, or a slightly thicker DK, I opted for Shilasdair Luxury DK w/Camel, which I think feels closer to 4pky in weigh than DK, maybe sport weight, but definately not a DK yarn. Either way I’ve achieved the size I was aiming for. I did find with the yarn I use that where I wrap the yarn around my fingers for tension that I ended up with slightly blue fingers due to dye rubbing off. I can only assume this was down to it being hand dyed and the type of dye used. I did find when I washed the cardigan for the first time that a lot of dye came out. so I will have to be careful when washing it in future just in case it does the same every wash.

I’m looking forward to wearing this cardigan, it feels beautiful. Also I can’t wait to start knitting my next few projects. I recently bought some yarn to knit a Christmas pressie for my best friend, and yarn to knit a little pressie for one of my aunts. On the note of Christmas pressies I really should start making more effort to look for gifts for everyone.

Christmas Projects!

I started my Christmas projects several months ago, As always I wish I’d started sooner, as I know I will be finishing some of them off after Christmas. But I also know that’s because I chose to do more than one project for some of my loved ones. So I’m not feeling too bad about this. As I know that the main projects will be done before the big day with plenty of time to spare.
I think however that next year I will start planning for Christmas projects a little earlier than I did this year. As I love making people gifts. It’s so lovely knowing you’ve made something for someone you care about that they love to bits.

Not much left to do


A picture of my lovely little Echo playing with a cardboard tube, as usual playing means mauling. She doesn’t go down Freya’s route of lolloping around the kitchen shaking sheets of paper.

Update on my knitting, I’ve one final section left to finish off pf the bag made from excess wool for my lovely mummy. Then I can start stitching it together :), I’m very pleased. As far as the jumper I’m making goes, I’ve done both sleeves and am now on to knitting the body of it, I think that providing I knit that nearly continually for the next couple of weeks it will be all done and ready for xmas. I’m so pleased.