Finished objects and WIPs

Wow it’s been two months since I last posted an entry. I hadn’t realised it had been so long, but I think I know why I have been so laxed in writing entries.

At the end of August I started a new full time job as a temp, which is quite stressful and not quite what I was looking for, but I suppose it’s a job at the end of the day. Although I don’t feel comfortable in this position and I feel that I am really not that good at parts of it, I know that if I don’t make the effort to try to do these things then I will not get any better at them. So as much as it isn’t an ideal job for me, partly because there is far too much interaction with people for my tastes, I know there are worse jobs out there.

Since my last post I have started getting on with Christmas gift knitting, and have already finished on gift. I am working on two gifts at the moment, and on a top for myself. I am also doing as much drop spindle spinning as I can fit in, I may have a slight obsession with hand spinning and fiber.

As I said before, I have finished knitting one Christmas gift since my last post, I have also finished three other projects, two of them were for me, and one was a made to order commission.

Firstly the commission, my mum asked me if I would knit a shawl similar to one I had made for her, but in pinks, because she wanted to give one of her sisters a gift. It took me a little while to pick out the shades of pink which I thought my aunt would like, and which also worked well together, but weren’t too similar. And this is the result, an entrelac shawl (English Rose), knitted in two shades of Old Maiden Aunt Shetland 4ply, Twu Wuv and Last Nights Red Dress, with the addition of Eden Cottage Yarns Milburn 4ply in Blossom.

My next finished object to share is a lace and twisted stitches top (Tea for me.) knitted in Malabrigo Yarn Sock, the colourway is call African Violet. The pattern for this top is by Emma Vining and is called Time For Tea. The pattern can be found in The Knitter, Issue 87.

And finally, I knitted a shawl for myself, however, I decided that I needed to write down the pattern for this shawl, once I have finished writing out the pattern I will write another post. I just need to get some better photographes of this shawl and then I’ll be nearly finished with the shawl pattern. I will be posting it on Ravelry for download when it is finished.

Watch this space, and happy crafting.


Owl and Lavender

Todays post is about my latest finished projects. I don’t think I’ve really stopped knitting gifts since the first couple of months after Xmas, which is all well and good. So this post is about another knitted gift, and also about something for me. So since I cast off the maple leaf shawl I knitted for my best friend I instantly cast on a shawl for my mum as it was her birthday at the start of this month. I find it helpful to have to projects on the go at the same time, basically if anyone asks what I’m knitting and they are the person the gift knit is for then I don’t really want to be showing off what I’m knitting for them if I intend it to be a surprise, so I like to have something for me on the go at the same time, yes sneaky I know, but it works, plus I get something for me.

Anyhow, this year I decided to knit my mum an entrelac shawl with a lavender theme, now if you’ve read any of my previous posts you may recall that I have knitted entrelac shawls before not only for myself (as in Finally complete!), but also for one of my aunts (the pink shawl in Not more knitted gifts!?and also my best friend (the storm grey shawl in  More than just knitted gifts.). So baring in mind how much I adore yarn by Eden Cottage Yarn, I knew I had to knit my mum’s birthday gift in their beautiful yarn. It just so happened that I had two skeins of BFL Sock in two different shades of purple (Wisteria and Damson) and two skeins of Milburn 4ply in Steel in my stash, which I was having trouble picking out a project for, mainly because I wanted to knit something with all three colours.

Now two of the entrelac shawls I’ve knitted were knitted in Eden Cottage Yarns BFL sock, which knits up into a gorgeous fabric, so I knew what to expect with those two skeins. But I’ve only ever knitted with the original Milburn 4ply and that was just a sweater and fingerless mitts, so knitting a shawl with the relaunched Milburn 4ply would be something different and interesting. I have to say I wasn’t disappointed, I mean I loved the original Milburn, but the new Milburn is even softer and the colour stands out so much more. When comparing the steel colour of the new Milburn with the grey of the original Milburn, you can see the difference. The steel colour stands out so much more and yarn has much more of a sheen which adds to the colour. I am really pleased with the how the shawl I knitted turned out. I was extremely surprised with how large it turned out to be, the other entrelac shawls I’ve knitted only had 400 metres of yarn go into them, so basically one skein, where as my mums one had about 500 metres of yarn knitted into it, and wow its so big. Even better is I still have half a skein of each of the BFL sock skeins and more of the Milburn left so I can knit something else with those (maybe something for me :D).

So thats the gift knit that I finished recently. Now for the knit for me. At Xmas a friend gave me a super knitting pattern book called Knitting Wizardry: 27 Spellbinding Projects. I’d been wanting this book for ages, mainly because there is a cardigan in it which I’ve been wanting to knit for myself since I saw it on Ravelry. This cardigan is called Ginny’s Cardigan on Ravelry but is called Owl Cardigan in the book, which could be a little confusing. Anyhow, I decided at the start of June as a birthday gift to myself that I needed wool to knit this cardigan, and really really wanted British wool to knit it with. Luckily for me the most wonderful new online shop dedicated to British yarn opened at the start of June. So this saw me ogling loads of DK on their site trying to work out what would work best with this Owl Cardigan, and after much uming and arring I decided on West Yorkshire Spinners Jacobs DK in Brown/Black. So after finishing my fingerless mitts I knew I had to cast this cardigan on, the wool is so yummy, so sheepy and it smells delicious (OK OK, I love the smell of wool, yum). Now I have to say that I really do recommend popping by Brityarn, the lovely online shop I purchased this yarn from, the owner, Isla is super and the yarn is delicious.

I did add a few little mods to my cardigan, I made the sleeves longer, not because I have long arms (I really don’t) but because I like my wrists and tops of my hands to be cosy. I eliminated the pockets, I really didn’t see the need for them. And I chose to eliminate the button holes from the button band, why I hear you ask, well I wasn’t really in the mood to be making buttonholes and then having to sew round them and all that, and I like to back my button bands with ribbon and I find it awkward doing that around buttonholes. So I chose to use snap fastenings along with backing the button bands with ribbon.

So those are my latest finished objects, I’m so happy with all of them.

I’m currently working on Xmas gifts, a new top for myself, altering a bunch of my clothes (well I have to start using my sewing machine for something), and I’m also working on a semi secret project (so watch this space).

Happy crafting all :D.

Winding down.

I spent a lot of time figuring out where to pick up this post, and decided the best idea is to write two separate posts. Basically in this one I am going to chatter on about my wedding, my wedding dress etc. my next post will be about my honeymoon and latest finished jumper :).

Right on to wedding chatter. So my husband and me got married last Saturday. I was so very nervous, I find it hard to be in front of lots of people, so was dreading the actual ceremony. Somehow I managed to make it through the ceremony without tripping up over my words. I basically kept telling myself, breath, stand up straight and focus on Sam (my husband). He managed to trip up over my middle name, apparently My middle name is no longer Lucy, it is now Juicy, super funny. Anyhow both my family and his family really loved the ceramony, it was only a simple affair, we decided that our local registry office was the perfect place for our wedding, not too expensive plus easy enough to arrange (though still terrifying). The main thing is that we got through that without any hitches, it is such a relief for that part to be out of the way.

I am so glad I opted for knitting my wedding dress and decided on wearing long sleeves with a knitted shrug over the top, because I have to say I spent a lot of time being freezing cold. I think the only time I wasn’t cold was afterwards when we tottered up to the cathedral for extra photos. I do have to say that despite being incredibly nervous, stressed and cold I really enjoyed my day. I am so happy that I can now call Sam, my Husband.

Now it is time for the photos, we haven’t sorted through all of them, baring in mind we opted to have a member of the family take the photos instead of having a professional wedding photographer. I’ve tried to pick out photos which show of my dress and shrug the best, I’ve not found many good ones of my wedding clutch unfortunately.

I knitted my wedding dress from Fashion Martina’s Knit wedding gown Dream pattern, this can be found on Ravelry, I added in a couple of modifications when making mine. I used Bergère de France Angel yarn instead of the recommended yarn for the pattern. The pattern for shrug I wore with my wedding dress can be found in Vampire Knits, it is called Sidhe Shrug. I knitted it in Eden Cottage Yarns Titus 4ply, the colour way I used was Coal (this yarn is delicious by the way). The pattern for my clutch is called Leafy Knot Clutch, it can be found in Knitting 24/7: 30 Projects to Knit, Wear, and Enjoy, On the Go and Around the Clock by Veronik Avery. I found the pattern for my Lavender flowers in Lesley Stanfield’s 100 Flowers to Knit & Crochet: A Collection of Beautiful Blooms for Embellishing Garments, Accessories, and More. You might also notice my lovely boots, they are Doc Martens, and they are super, why, because not only are they Doc Martens, they are floral Doc Martens.

I’ve been wanting to post up finished pictures of my wedding dress and shrug for ages, but knew it was best to wait till after the wedding. I am very happy to be able to show my creations finally. And chatter on about my wedding.

What no heating!?

As of Saturday we have had no heating, the funny thing is we have plenty of hot water. It’s no the first time this has happened either, so currently waiting to hear from our letting agent, the sooner the better. Considering that we live in an old terraced house, there is no insulation because apparently that would be too much trouble to fit, it is freezing. Yes it is the start of spring, but this house gets so cold. I mean the dining room is chilly even on a hot summers day. So really hoping our heating gets fixed soon.

On a lighter and much happier note, I have finished another knitting project. I modified the pattern I worked from a little, the pattern is called Belle and can be found in Rowan Homestead Classics. The original pattern is for a cropped cardigan in a single colour. I used two colours and changed it so that it is now a cropped jumper.

Something dressy

I am super pleased with my latest finished object, a while ago I found a pattern for a dress on Ravelry which I just had to have. That pattern is called Maddie and is by Purl Alpaca Designs. It is lovely, and I will definately have to knit another one. I substituted the recommended yarn with Kauni Wool 8/2 Effektgarn, which is gorgeous, I chose the black/grey/purple colour way, as black and purple are my favourite colours. I wanted to see what the dress would look like knit in a multicoloured yarn. When I knit it again I will use a solid colour yarn.

This is how my dress turned out, I love it, it feels super pretty and warm. The sleeves in the pattern come to just above the elbow, I wanted long sleeves that reached to my wrist so I modified them, and tapered them up so that they weren’t too loose, also modified the body slightly as I realised it was turning out quite long, and I am a little short (5ft3 to be exact).

Currently projects!

A little list of my current works in progress. Only five, one has been an on and off project for nearly three years which I really must finish, another is a crochet project which I’ve been meaning to finish, all but one are for me.

This is the one current project which isn’t for me, it’s going to be a shawl for my mum (her Mother’s Day gift).


The colour is a little different to the photo shows, it’s more blue than purple.

This is my newest work in progress, I think it is going to fun working with this wool, it’s Kauni Wool 8/2 Effektgarn, it’s sportweight and transitions from black through grey to purple and back again, it’s beautiful. I’m knitting myself a dress in this.


This is the project that I have been working off and on for nearly three years, it’s my patchwork blanket, I guess I keep getting distracted by other knitting projects.


I am am currently blocking this project having finished knitting it, it is a cropped cardigan, after blocking it I will sew ribbon on to the back of the button bands for added stability and some buttons. Looking forward to being able to wear this.


And finally my my crochet project, I am making a rabbit, this is just the head, I have done the ears and part of an arm, I will hopefully have this finished soon.


And that that is all my current projects. Looking forward to finishing them all.

Recently finished!

I recently finished five projects, two had been on the back burner, one of those was my wedding clutch, the other my wedding flowers. I have photographed these two projects together, as the idea is for the flowers to  be used with the clutch.


All I had left myself to do with this wedding clutch was to sew a lining and then stitch the lining in, I used an old silk kaftan which was laddering in places for the lining, I think it has worked really well. With the flowers, I knitted lavender flowers, and had to wait till I could get hold of some florists wire because unfortunately these flowers were super floppy. But thankfully with the addition of florists wire they now stand up on their own.

I also recently finished knitting a shawl for my nanny, I designed the shawl myself and knitted it in Eden Cottage Yarns Askham 4ply. The main colour  I used is called Crabapple, I used three additional colours as stripes, which came in Eden Cottage Yarns 25g Yarnling Retro Set.


My nanny really likes her new shawl, I wanted to make sure that it was big enough so I ended up using two skeins of Askham 4ply, one of those was used knitting the lace border.

One of my recently finished projects was knitted from left over yarn (mostly leftovers from my wedding dress), I worked mainly from Rowans Red Frill Sweater pattern, but modified certain aspects, I knitted it in the round, I moved the frill on the main body from the hem, to the waist, and moved the main waist shaping to around the hips, so it became more of a tunic with a floaty skirt than a clingy sweater, I also. Changed the needle size as although my tension was correct I wanted a slimmer fit on the body and the arms than I would have got if I had stuck to the recommended needle size.


Lastly, it was my fiancé’s birthday this week, so over the weekend I knitted him up a quick gift using some yarn leftover from a jumper I knitted him ages ago. I knitted him Fallout from Doomsday knits (awesome book).


He likes having something to keep his head and neck warm while out in the garden with our hoppy bunny girls.

image image