There are three items which will be the main feature of my blogs: My beautiful rabbits (the furry hopping kind), my knitting (yes I knit), and my fibromyalgia.

If you do not know what fibromyalgia is then I’ll explain it, its a rheumatic condition which causes aching similar to that which is experienced after intense exercise, pains which are inexplainable, and a variety of other problems which although not life threatening aren’t pleasant and sometimes mean that functioning on a day to day basis isn’t possible.

My knitting, I started last autumn when my mum started to teach me again (she tried when I was about 8, and didn’t succeed), this time around I’m doing well, I’m in the middle of making a patchwork blanket for my living room, a wrap for myself, and a scarf for my best friend. I recently finished knitting a striped scarf for myself as well.

My rabbits, well I absolutely adore rabbits. Apart from when they think that my arm is a chew toy, although it is cute in a way.

I can be found on Ravelry as Neuroticbunnylady, on Instagram as NeuroticPandora, Twitter as @knitandbunnies, and Facebook as Neurotic Knits.


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