It’s been a while

I can’t remember when I last posted, I know it was not long after I started my current job, so probably October 2015. I’ve been quite busy since then. But I thought it would be nice to try posting the odd entry again, after all I used to find it useful to write things down.

So since my last entry I have knitted a fair few things, I’ve learnt how to use my sewing machine, I’ve sewn dresses, I’ve made new friends in the knitting and crafting community. There is quite a list.

Of course not everything that has happened has been happy, the sad news is Echo became poorly in April, very very poorly and me and my hubby, Sam, had to make the hard choice of having her put to sleep. I miss her, it’s been hard but we’re managing.

Other sad news is that not long after I started my current job, in November 2015 my nanny had a stroke and is pretty much paralysed on her left side, because of this she is bed ridden. Unfortunately this means my mum and her sisters have to care for my nanny and grandad. It’s very hard on my mum, she’s very tired and barely knits anymore. 

In happy news, we have two new bunny additions. Peanut and Pebbles, two boy bunnies. Needless to say Freya is delighted when she hops round the garden and can smell boy bunnies. 

Other good news is that Freya is still happy and hoppy. She is affectionate as always and loves to go up and say hello to her bunny boyfriends.

I’ve been trying to work out ways to stop my garden from being entirely eaten by the naughty bunnies. So far it seems that is easier said than done. But the good thing is that they are learning not to eat tomato plants and are avoiding the herbs I planted up.

I’ll hopefully return with another post soon, maybe with a finished object or two, I have several on the go right now. So until next time.


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