Yarn love

I need to do another post of finished objects, but I need to collect together the photos of then first, so I’ll wait till tomorrow. I’m running on empty at the moment, but I wanted to do a quick post about yarns that I love. And I have to say most of my favourite yarns are by Eden Cottage Yarns. I have so much love for them. My first experience of hand dyed yarn was their Titus 4ply. I wanted a special yarn to knit my wedding shrug from, and just had to have their Titus 4ply. So fair I’ve only knitted with their 4ply yarns (Milburn 4ply, BFL sock, Askham 4ply and Titus 4ply). But I can safely say the quality is wonderful and the colours and great. Probably why I keep finding excuses to buy more of their lovely yarn to knit with. Out of all their yarn that I’ve tried I would say I can’t really choose a favourite.
My other favourite yarns, well I love Shilasdair’s Luxury 4ply and Dk yarns, they are super and I love the colours.
Now although I’ve not got round to knitting with the Jamieson and smith 2ply jumper weight thats in my stash I have to say it feels wonderful and the colours are great.
Other yarns, well my latest love is West Yorkshire Spinners Jacob DK, its great to knit with and is lovely and sheepy.
Now on that note I’m off to dream of yarn. Wishing you all happy crafting.


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