So Many Patterns So Little Time!

I have a tendency to get distracted by different knitting patterns while I am still knitting other things. Which is why I usually have at least two projects going on at the same time. My problem lately is that I am also getting distracted by really good books, and awesome games. But another reason my knitting is progressing less quickly than I would like is that I am in the middle of a fibro (fibromyalgia) flare, and which is increasing the problem I have with my left arm/shoulder/neck/back. So having extra pain leads to me not really being able to knit for as long as I would like, so instead of knitting out in the garden lately I immerse myself in a book. Then when I start to get too painful while knitting inside and I end up gaming.

The problem I find with my flares is that although I really want to get on and do housework, or go out for walks (because getting out of the house can be a good thing) I haven’t got the energy to do this as much as I want to. I’ve been meaning to vacuum all week and due to my fibro and a super draining period I haven’t got round to it. I feel bad for spending time knitting, reading or gaming instead, but I know if I do too much while feeling like hell then I will suffer for it, so it benefits me in the long term to not over do it.

I have however managed to finish some lovely knitting and crochet projects lately, I’m really pleased with them. As some of the finished items are gifts, I will not be posting them up until after I have done the whole gifting them to the people they are for thing. As I don’t want to risk them seeing them until they actually receive them. But when I see the finished items I have made I feel really happy with myself and super happy that I decided that I should try knitting. Its been 3 years and 6 months since I seriously started knitting, and a year and 6 months since I started crocheting. Admittedly if I had stuck with trying to learn to knit when my mum tried teaching me when I was 8 or 9 I might be even better, but never mind, I am glad I picked it up again. I am even happier that my best friend recently took it upon herself to learn to crochet, I had been encouraging her to learn a craft, as I thought it would give her something to focus on that would also benefit her in the long run.

Anyhow, enough of me chattering on. I will be back later in the month with finished project photos, and other pictures. I have been lazy lately and keep forgetting to blog. So I will keep reminding myself I need to come back and post stuff.


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