Finished Objects and Other News

I will start with the other new (as of the title), mainly because it is far more boring and if I don’t write about it first I will forget that I meant to write about it at all. Due to my fibromyalgia and the shoulder/neck problem I have which may be related to my fibro, I left my previous job nearly a month before my wedding (boring). I am in the process of trying to find a new job at the moment (less knitting time for me then), so happy news is I have three job interviews coming up. It seems I sell well on paper, however I am terrible at interviews, so fingers crossed they don’t mind that.

Now on to less boring things, like finished projects, Three knitted things, wooo, and one crocheted thing, equally woo.

A little while after my wedding I decided it was high time I knit myself the stranded rabbit jumper I had been promising myself, and a couple of weeks ago, I finished it, and I have concluded that stranded knitting isn’t as hard as I thought it would be. Who’d have thought, I can knit with yarn held in both hands, that was a slightly scary idea before I tried it, now, I am super pleased with myself.

So here is William of mine the pattern is William by Ann Kingstone, and it is wonderful, I love her Stranded Knits book, it really has made me want to try more stranded knits.

And on to my other finished objects, the next two are shawls I designed as I was knitting. I wanted to use up some of my stash and see if I could create something pretty, and these are the result.

The Stashbusting Shawlette is knitted from Mirasol Hasa in two shades and I think looks quite pretty. And the Shades of Lila Shawl is knitted from various different yarns, I think if I knitted it again I would stick to one type of yarn, but in different shades.

I am not yet sure what to do with these little creations, I am debating whether they should be gifts, or if I should attempt to sell them. If I make any more random creations I’m unsure about I might end up trying to sell them, at least then they will be used.

Finally, the crochet project I finished recently is My little Lenny, the pattern is Lenny the Bunny by Rico Design and can be found in Rico Häkelidee 024, Patchworkfamily. My husband got it the book and made up a kit for me a couple of Christmas’s ago, I just never got round to finishing this super bunny until now because I got distracted by other projects (yes I’m terrible).

I still can’t believe I made this myself, I’m not the best crocheter ever, I’m actually just a beginner, so I’m really pleased that I managed to make this toy without too much trouble.

And to finish with here are my own beautiful hoppy bunnies, Freya and Echo.