Focusing on Knitting

As I mentioned in my previous post regarding my honeymoon, I have recently finished two projects. One being my very first pair of socks. But I am going to start with the project I started on my honeymoon.

I am a bit of a geek, make that quite a lot of a geek, although unless you know me really well I just come across as a fairly normalish person who is very introverted, make of that what you will. Anyhow, while we were having a quite sit in the hotel, hubby was browsing through PS4 offers, I decided that it was time to start the shawl I’ve been meaning to knit for over a year now. I had found the pattern for it on Ravelry, it is called “Like a Leaf on the Wind“, this is a reference to Firefly, well more specifically it is the phrase that is basically Wash’s last words in the film Serenity. And me being me at the time I ended up making up my own pattern for the yarn I was trying to find a pattern for, but I really wanted to knit this shawl, partly because of the film reference, but also because it looked fun to knit, I just needed to find the right yarn for it, and the right moment to knit it. Now my favourite colour as you may or may not have noticed is purple, so despite the fact it was a leaf themed shawl, I knew that it needed to be purple. and I found the perfect yarn for it, it is Shilasdair Luxury 4 ply and the colourway is Autumn moors. And this is how it turned out.

I have to say I am super happy with this shawl, yes I have yarn left over, but hey, I can knit something else with that.

And now for my second finished object of the week, my first knitted pair of socks. The pattern I chose to knit them from was Simple Toe-Up Socks in Four Sizes. It was very easy to follow and I am very happy with the finished socks. I knitted them in Cascade Yarns Cherub DK the colour is kind of a purply-pink, and here they are.

I am waiting for them to dry now so that I can wear them. I’m looking forward to knowing I’m wearing hand knitted socks.

I have a few more sock projects in mind, I’ve been meaning to try out socks for a while now, after all nearly every pattern book or magazine I have has sock patterns in.

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