Stress and things to look forward to

As I have mentioned before I am getting married this year. To be precise, I am getting married at the end of the month.

Remembering how near to my wedding it is now really takes me back a little each time I think of it. Its amazing how time flies. Admittedly there isn’t much left to do, most importantly of all its only a small wedding. Basically close friends, and family are invited. I do wish though that it could be made smaller, mainly because I feel like it would be easier and less stressful if there were less people turning up. Keeping in mind that my best friend is vegan and I have a milk-free pescetarian diet (basically I will eat fish occasionally, so not vegetarian), and I have asked my mum (who is catering my reception) to accommodate this, which thankfully she is doing. But I find it awkward that she is going on about various meats and large quantities of food, I think I find it awkward partly because of my dislike of meat and because there will only be around 40 guests coming and the reception will be around lunch time, so I don’t see why she is intent on making so much food and so much of a fuss about food. The intention was for it to be a small reception which ends relatively early. So its making me quite stressed when I get a barrage of food talk.

On the upside I am looking forward to the actually wedding. But also looking forward to various event surrounding the wedding. I am especially excited because my favourite band, The Cruxshadows, will be playing in the UK around the same time as my wedding. I think this is amazing, I get to see them with my best friend before my wedding and after my wedding with my new hubby. I am super happy, its like the icing on the caking, knowing that I get three happy things at the of the month.

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