What no heating!?

As of Saturday we have had no heating, the funny thing is we have plenty of hot water. It’s no the first time this has happened either, so currently waiting to hear from our letting agent, the sooner the better. Considering that we live in an old terraced house, there is no insulation because apparently that would be too much trouble to fit, it is freezing. Yes it is the start of spring, but this house gets so cold. I mean the dining room is chilly even on a hot summers day. So really hoping our heating gets fixed soon.

On a lighter and much happier note, I have finished another knitting project. I modified the pattern I worked from a little, the pattern is called Belle and can be found in Rowan Homestead Classics. The original pattern is for a cropped cardigan in a single colour. I used two colours and changed it so that it is now a cropped jumper.


Stress and things to look forward to

As I have mentioned before I am getting married this year. To be precise, I am getting married at the end of the month.

Remembering how near to my wedding it is now really takes me back a little each time I think of it. Its amazing how time flies. Admittedly there isn’t much left to do, most importantly of all its only a small wedding. Basically close friends, and family are invited. I do wish though that it could be made smaller, mainly because I feel like it would be easier and less stressful if there were less people turning up. Keeping in mind that my best friend is vegan and I have a milk-free pescetarian diet (basically I will eat fish occasionally, so not vegetarian), and I have asked my mum (who is catering my reception) to accommodate this, which thankfully she is doing. But I find it awkward that she is going on about various meats and large quantities of food, I think I find it awkward partly because of my dislike of meat and because there will only be around 40 guests coming and the reception will be around lunch time, so I don’t see why she is intent on making so much food and so much of a fuss about food. The intention was for it to be a small reception which ends relatively early. So its making me quite stressed when I get a barrage of food talk.

On the upside I am looking forward to the actually wedding. But also looking forward to various event surrounding the wedding. I am especially excited because my favourite band, The Cruxshadows, will be playing in the UK around the same time as my wedding. I think this is amazing, I get to see them with my best friend before my wedding and after my wedding with my new hubby. I am super happy, its like the icing on the caking, knowing that I get three happy things at the of the month.