Reducing shoulder pain

For a while now I have been experiencing terrible pain in my left shoulder and the left side of my neck, which seems to be causing my left arm to feel very peculiar and occasionally numb. This pain was definately not characteristic of my fibromyalgia, so I decided to go to the doctors a few weeks ago. Surprisingly I wasn’t told that my fibro was all in my head, amazingly, but also was told that the cause of the pain in my shoulder and neck was likely was not muscle spasms, interesting. My doctor signed my off work for two week at that time, I was also given diazepam and naproxen, plus I was referred on to a physiotherapist.

Well I had my first physio appointment last week, it was basically an assessment session to see what needed doing with my shoulder and neck. I was given a few exercises to do, told to rest, basically avoid lifting, advised to take more time off work is possible.

I had my second session yesterday, I feel the pain in my neck is easing a little, but my shoulder is still not great. However, after my session yesterday which involved deep massage around my shoulder and neck, the pain in both eased temporarily. I have to ice my shoulder and neck for the next few days. I really hope that it starts to feel noticeably better before my wedding.

Also the sooner it feels better, the sooner I can get back to knitting a little more. As it makes it a little awkward currently. I’m pretty sure that my knitting hasn’t contributed to my shoulder pain, as I knit right handed, so find it a little odd that the arm I move the least while knitting would be painful.

Fingers crossed it gets better soon :).

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