Oh no not the doctors!

In reference to my “oh no not the doctors”, I really really dislike seeing doctors, I will do anything to avoid them. Keeping in mind that I generally prefer to keep myself to myself, my close friends are limited to all of one person. If my work collegue’s suggest nights out, I always turn them down (that and I have nothing in common with any of them, or just don’t want to know them, or both). Anyhow, doctors, they kind of scare me, I mean I have to speak to them (terrifying, how I cope as a receptionist, I really don’t know), I have to actually go through intimate details of what is wrong with me (I’m terrible at wording what my ailments actually feel like, or at least I become incoherent when doing so). To put it bluntly I do not function terribly well socially, it often leads to me twitching, shaking, shivering and generally being a nervous wreck.

So given that I had to go to the doctors on Monday, why this Monday, I could have chosen any day, well it was more or less because it’s my first week off in a while, and I know it can take me days to get back into the swing of things of I have to visit a doctor. I also know I should have gone sooner, But my last visit was in August and the doctor I saw really put me off, it doesn’t take a lot to put me off, just being told that my pain will go away on its own, and generally not being taken seriously. This is why I always take someone with me, usually my fiancé, as if I forget anything or the doctor just doesn’t take me seriously I know I have them there. Anyhow, the reason for my need of medical attention, I have terrible back, side, neck and arm pain, now I have fibromyalgia, but this pain has been getting worse and worse for nearly a year and really doesn’t feel like my fibro. Hence the doctors, so I feel I have been taken more seriously this time, as I came away with the prospect of a referral to physio and two different types of medication, diazepam and naproxen. One thing I’ve noticed already is that I am sleeping a lot better at night, but I am still completely shattered, in fact I would go so far as to say that I feel more tired, but then, both meds list drowsiness as a side-effect, so not surprised really. And although the naproxen has taken the edge off the pain, it’s not that noticeable.

Anyhow, going back today (although they said to see them in a weeks time, it’s only been 4ish days) for a follow up, I am back at work Monday after my week of “holiday”, still not feeling 100%, not that I have felt 100% for months. So I guess we’ll see what the next steps are. I know I can’t do any lifting at work from now on, and I know that lifting has probably made my back worse.

On a happy note, I have almost finished a dress I am knitting, I’m working from a lovely pattern, but have changed a couple of bits, and used a different yarn, one I couldn’t resist.

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