Reducing shoulder pain

For a while now I have been experiencing terrible pain in my left shoulder and the left side of my neck, which seems to be causing my left arm to feel very peculiar and occasionally numb. This pain was definately not characteristic of my fibromyalgia, so I decided to go to the doctors a few weeks ago. Surprisingly I wasn’t told that my fibro was all in my head, amazingly, but also was told that the cause of the pain in my shoulder and neck was likely was not muscle spasms, interesting. My doctor signed my off work for two week at that time, I was also given diazepam and naproxen, plus I was referred on to a physiotherapist.

Well I had my first physio appointment last week, it was basically an assessment session to see what needed doing with my shoulder and neck. I was given a few exercises to do, told to rest, basically avoid lifting, advised to take more time off work is possible.

I had my second session yesterday, I feel the pain in my neck is easing a little, but my shoulder is still not great. However, after my session yesterday which involved deep massage around my shoulder and neck, the pain in both eased temporarily. I have to ice my shoulder and neck for the next few days. I really hope that it starts to feel noticeably better before my wedding.

Also the sooner it feels better, the sooner I can get back to knitting a little more. As it makes it a little awkward currently. I’m pretty sure that my knitting hasn’t contributed to my shoulder pain, as I knit right handed, so find it a little odd that the arm I move the least while knitting would be painful.

Fingers crossed it gets better soon :).



Where to being, by that  I mean there isn’t really a beginning to my tales today. One is my current knitting project, which is progressing beautiful and feels super yummy (oh happy days) and the other is in relation to my back/shoulder/neck/arm pain (which is non-fibro related).

I guess I will start with my pain, which despite being on twice daily doses of Naproxen is still as noticeable as ever. One of my problems is that I am sure that my fibromyalgia aggravates the intensity of the pain to an extent. I know I have trouble relaxing at the best of times, but over the last year this pain has increased to a point where at times I can barely stand it. For the last week I have been waiting to hear about a physio appointment, which with any luck will eventually lead to less pain, luckily for me I got a letter today about this. The unfortunately part is that I have to ring them to arrange the appointment, not my forté, so I will be putting it off till tomorrow. I find it hard to psych myself up to make phone calls, I know they shouldn’t be hard, but for me sometimes they can be nearly impossible. So I am currently making a point of listening to a lot of Crüxshadows songs because they usually help me motivate myself in the right direction.or at least make me feel like I can do something that I find hard to do.

In regards to my current knitting project, I am knitting a jumper from Rowan Tweed, the pattern is called Ariene, it recommends using three colours, but I decided to substitute one of the colours with the main colour instead and just work with two colours. I am knitting it in Eden Cottage Yarns Milburn 4ply, the colours I am using are Damson and Grey, I got them in a sale not long before Christmas last year. I’m making it slightly shorter than recommended in the pattern as I want it to go with my 50’s style skirts and dresses. At the moment I’m most of the way through working the back.


I really do love this yarn. It’s so soft and squishy. For me this is a bit of a treat, usually if I’m knitting with what I class as “luxury” yarn I stick to shawls, but I decided that once in a while it doesn’t hurt to treat myself to a super yummy wool for jumpers.

Anyhow, time to get on with some yoga then housework before I go out in the garden with my hoppy bunny girls.

Something dressy

I am super pleased with my latest finished object, a while ago I found a pattern for a dress on Ravelry which I just had to have. That pattern is called Maddie and is by Purl Alpaca Designs. It is lovely, and I will definately have to knit another one. I substituted the recommended yarn with Kauni Wool 8/2 Effektgarn, which is gorgeous, I chose the black/grey/purple colour way, as black and purple are my favourite colours. I wanted to see what the dress would look like knit in a multicoloured yarn. When I knit it again I will use a solid colour yarn.

This is how my dress turned out, I love it, it feels super pretty and warm. The sleeves in the pattern come to just above the elbow, I wanted long sleeves that reached to my wrist so I modified them, and tapered them up so that they weren’t too loose, also modified the body slightly as I realised it was turning out quite long, and I am a little short (5ft3 to be exact).

Biting the bullet!

I remember about 6 or 7 years ago, I used to be on Vampire Freaks, and was a member of lots of forums and would happily post on all of them, yet now I am on Ravelry and a member of a variety of groups, which until today I have never posted in any of the forums. Today is the day I bite that bullet and actually strike up conversation on these groups. I guess partly because I find it hard to know what to say to people it can take me ages to even get round to saying something. Plus I don’t like to jump into things and be all “Me Me Me”.

Anyhow there we go, hello people :). Here’s some pictures of my beautiful bunny girls.

Oh no not the doctors!

In reference to my “oh no not the doctors”, I really really dislike seeing doctors, I will do anything to avoid them. Keeping in mind that I generally prefer to keep myself to myself, my close friends are limited to all of one person. If my work collegue’s suggest nights out, I always turn them down (that and I have nothing in common with any of them, or just don’t want to know them, or both). Anyhow, doctors, they kind of scare me, I mean I have to speak to them (terrifying, how I cope as a receptionist, I really don’t know), I have to actually go through intimate details of what is wrong with me (I’m terrible at wording what my ailments actually feel like, or at least I become incoherent when doing so). To put it bluntly I do not function terribly well socially, it often leads to me twitching, shaking, shivering and generally being a nervous wreck.

So given that I had to go to the doctors on Monday, why this Monday, I could have chosen any day, well it was more or less because it’s my first week off in a while, and I know it can take me days to get back into the swing of things of I have to visit a doctor. I also know I should have gone sooner, But my last visit was in August and the doctor I saw really put me off, it doesn’t take a lot to put me off, just being told that my pain will go away on its own, and generally not being taken seriously. This is why I always take someone with me, usually my fiancé, as if I forget anything or the doctor just doesn’t take me seriously I know I have them there. Anyhow, the reason for my need of medical attention, I have terrible back, side, neck and arm pain, now I have fibromyalgia, but this pain has been getting worse and worse for nearly a year and really doesn’t feel like my fibro. Hence the doctors, so I feel I have been taken more seriously this time, as I came away with the prospect of a referral to physio and two different types of medication, diazepam and naproxen. One thing I’ve noticed already is that I am sleeping a lot better at night, but I am still completely shattered, in fact I would go so far as to say that I feel more tired, but then, both meds list drowsiness as a side-effect, so not surprised really. And although the naproxen has taken the edge off the pain, it’s not that noticeable.

Anyhow, going back today (although they said to see them in a weeks time, it’s only been 4ish days) for a follow up, I am back at work Monday after my week of “holiday”, still not feeling 100%, not that I have felt 100% for months. So I guess we’ll see what the next steps are. I know I can’t do any lifting at work from now on, and I know that lifting has probably made my back worse.

On a happy note, I have almost finished a dress I am knitting, I’m working from a lovely pattern, but have changed a couple of bits, and used a different yarn, one I couldn’t resist.