Recently finished!

I recently finished five projects, two had been on the back burner, one of those was my wedding clutch, the other my wedding flowers. I have photographed these two projects together, as the idea is for the flowers to  be used with the clutch.


All I had left myself to do with this wedding clutch was to sew a lining and then stitch the lining in, I used an old silk kaftan which was laddering in places for the lining, I think it has worked really well. With the flowers, I knitted lavender flowers, and had to wait till I could get hold of some florists wire because unfortunately these flowers were super floppy. But thankfully with the addition of florists wire they now stand up on their own.

I also recently finished knitting a shawl for my nanny, I designed the shawl myself and knitted it in Eden Cottage Yarns Askham 4ply. The main colour  I used is called Crabapple, I used three additional colours as stripes, which came in Eden Cottage Yarns 25g Yarnling Retro Set.


My nanny really likes her new shawl, I wanted to make sure that it was big enough so I ended up using two skeins of Askham 4ply, one of those was used knitting the lace border.

One of my recently finished projects was knitted from left over yarn (mostly leftovers from my wedding dress), I worked mainly from Rowans Red Frill Sweater pattern, but modified certain aspects, I knitted it in the round, I moved the frill on the main body from the hem, to the waist, and moved the main waist shaping to around the hips, so it became more of a tunic with a floaty skirt than a clingy sweater, I also. Changed the needle size as although my tension was correct I wanted a slimmer fit on the body and the arms than I would have got if I had stuck to the recommended needle size.


Lastly, it was my fiancé’s birthday this week, so over the weekend I knitted him up a quick gift using some yarn leftover from a jumper I knitted him ages ago. I knitted him Fallout from Doomsday knits (awesome book).


He likes having something to keep his head and neck warm while out in the garden with our hoppy bunny girls.

image image

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