Currently projects!

A little list of my current works in progress. Only five, one has been an on and off project for nearly three years which I really must finish, another is a crochet project which I’ve been meaning to finish, all but one are for me.

This is the one current project which isn’t for me, it’s going to be a shawl for my mum (her Mother’s Day gift).


The colour is a little different to the photo shows, it’s more blue than purple.

This is my newest work in progress, I think it is going to fun working with this wool, it’s Kauni Wool 8/2 Effektgarn, it’s sportweight and transitions from black through grey to purple and back again, it’s beautiful. I’m knitting myself a dress in this.


This is the project that I have been working off and on for nearly three years, it’s my patchwork blanket, I guess I keep getting distracted by other knitting projects.


I am am currently blocking this project having finished knitting it, it is a cropped cardigan, after blocking it I will sew ribbon on to the back of the button bands for added stability and some buttons. Looking forward to being able to wear this.


And finally my my crochet project, I am making a rabbit, this is just the head, I have done the ears and part of an arm, I will hopefully have this finished soon.


And that that is all my current projects. Looking forward to finishing them all.

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