My Wedding Dress

I finally took photos of my wedding dress in all it’s finished glory, I might be over hyping it a little. I also took pictures of the shrug which I am planning to wear with it.

The colour of the dress in the photos isn’t very accurate, I think there was too much sunshine coming in through the window, so it looks more pink than purple, it is actually purple.




The dress is shorter than the one in the pattern I followed, I intended it to be around knee length, and it is. Instead of making the entire skirt lacey I knitted the top two tiers of ruffles with the yarn doubled, because I don’t fancy my knickers being on show. The third and final tier is knitted with the yarn held single, and is shorter than the first two tiers, as I felt the dress was long enough, and also a shorter tier makes for a nice border. I followed a pattern purchase on Ravelry when making this dress, this is a link to the pattern:
The dress is knitted in Bergère de France’s Angel, which I think worked quite well, my mum says that it isn’t very nice to crochet with, as it’s mohair it tends to stick to itself, which has it’s disadvantages. I am very pleased with how the dress has turned out, and super grateful for my mums making of the crochet flowers which are sewn onto the dress. I am super excited and really can’t wait till I get to wear it on my wedding day.

Here are photos of the shrug I knitted to wear with the dress:



I knitted this from a pattern in Vampire Knits, I’d been wanting to knit this for ages and what better excuse than for my wedding. I knitted this in Eden
Cottage Yarns Titus, which is absolutely gorgeous to work with.

Now to carry on with Christmas knitting projects.


Not more knitted gifts!?

I have to say I’ve been busy knitting quite a lot lately. So much so that I’ve neglected my gaming hobby, and I love gaming nearly as much as I love knitting, but not quite as much, hence it gets neglected. Anyhow, as a result I have finished two more gifts, one for my future mother-in-law, and one for an auntie of mine.

This is the shawl I designed and knitted for my mother-in-law. It is knitted from three different yarns, all three were left over from other projects and I couldn’t decide on what to make with them. That was until I remembered someone who likes purple nearly as much as I do, and then I thought if I modify the shawl pattern I designed for someone else, then it should work beautifully. This is the result and I am really pleased with how it’s turned out. This will be a Christmas gift for my future mother-in-law. I hope she likes it.


The second knitted gift I finished recently (yesterday), is also a shawl, but this one isn’t a Christmas gift, as my auntie doesn’t do Christmas. I wanted to make her something, and she loves cats and pink, so I knew I had to incorporate both into what I knitted for her, the pink part was easy to do. I found a gorgeous dusky pink yarn with hints of purple, I used Eden Cottage Yarns Bfl sock yarn in Raspberry. I knew I wanted to make a entrelac based shawl, but couldn’t hit on a stitch pattern until I came across cats paw lace stitch, which is perfect. This is the result. I can’t wait to give it to my auntie.



Also my wedding dress is finished. My mum added the last of the flowers on Tuesday. I will take pictures of it soon. I won’t have any of me wearing it until after the wedding though. It’s super exciting knowing I have my dress all ready to wear. I am currently knitting lavender flowers to have poking out of my leafy lace wrist bag, I didn’t want a standard bouquet.

Anyhow will return at a later date with more knitting news and pictures.