Too early again!

So I found myself listening to to music at an unreasonably early time again this morning, having decided that as I couldn’t sleep after waking up at one, that I should probably get up at quarter past two. So the result is music at silly o’clock in the morning. It’s not like I need sleep after all. I have enough trouble dealing with my fibromyalgia without losing sleep, let alone when I do lose sleep.

There is however an upside to being up at this time in the morning, one being I can actually make progress on my knitting and two that I can listen to the music which was buzzing around in my head making it hard to drift back to sleep. But I would rather be sleeping. Its not a lot to ask, just a good nights sleep every night. But I guess I will have to manage.

In things knitting related, I started knitting another cardigan on Sunday, and all that is left for me to knit are the sleeves. I have already done the button bands and neck edging. I knitted those before the sleeves because I want to be sure of how long I can make the sleeves with the amount of yarn I have, as the yarn I am using was initially intended for a different project, but I decided I wanted another cardigan instead. So there we go. Pictures of said cardigan will follow shortly.

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