Another Cardigan Down

Cute And Cropped Cardigan

I finally finished knitting this cardigan today, the photo above is of the cardigan pre-blocking. I’ve since washed this cardigan, and laid it out on my dining table with lots of colourful pins in it (blocked it). I’m debating the merits of cutting up some scappy fabric I have kicking around and using it to stablise the button bands (as the grosgrain ribbon I have is too wide for the button bands on this cardigan). As I often have problems with button band stability I’m swaying in favour of this idea, but at the same time I know it will mean me either figuring out how to use the sewing machine my mum lent me, or hand stitching around the fabric first, its a silk kaftan that is beyond repair. I have already decided to use more pretty rabbit buttons (I need to buy more of those soon, maybe some different ones).

The yarn I used wasn’t the weight recommended for the pattern, as the smallest size avaliable to knit was a 34″ bust, which would have been too big as I have 32″ bust. So instead of trying to find a nice worsted weigh wool, or a slightly thicker DK, I opted for Shilasdair Luxury DK w/Camel, which I think feels closer to 4pky in weigh than DK, maybe sport weight, but definately not a DK yarn. Either way I’ve achieved the size I was aiming for. I did find with the yarn I use that where I wrap the yarn around my fingers for tension that I ended up with slightly blue fingers due to dye rubbing off. I can only assume this was down to it being hand dyed and the type of dye used. I did find when I washed the cardigan for the first time that a lot of dye came out. so I will have to be careful when washing it in future just in case it does the same every wash.

I’m looking forward to wearing this cardigan, it feels beautiful. Also I can’t wait to start knitting my next few projects. I recently bought some yarn to knit a Christmas pressie for my best friend, and yarn to knit a little pressie for one of my aunts. On the note of Christmas pressies I really should start making more effort to look for gifts for everyone.


Too early again!

So I found myself listening to to music at an unreasonably early time again this morning, having decided that as I couldn’t sleep after waking up at one, that I should probably get up at quarter past two. So the result is music at silly o’clock in the morning. It’s not like I need sleep after all. I have enough trouble dealing with my fibromyalgia without losing sleep, let alone when I do lose sleep.

There is however an upside to being up at this time in the morning, one being I can actually make progress on my knitting and two that I can listen to the music which was buzzing around in my head making it hard to drift back to sleep. But I would rather be sleeping. Its not a lot to ask, just a good nights sleep every night. But I guess I will have to manage.

In things knitting related, I started knitting another cardigan on Sunday, and all that is left for me to knit are the sleeves. I have already done the button bands and neck edging. I knitted those before the sleeves because I want to be sure of how long I can make the sleeves with the amount of yarn I have, as the yarn I am using was initially intended for a different project, but I decided I wanted another cardigan instead. So there we go. Pictures of said cardigan will follow shortly.

One cardigan down!



I finished knitting this lovely cardigan two days ago. I finally have a chance to wear it today, as I finished sewing the last of the buttons on this morning.

Its knitted following Ysolda Teague’s Lauriel pattern. I shortened the ribbing on the cuffs slightly and also on the waist so that it wouldn’t sit too low down. I decided to added grosgrain ribbon to the insides of the button bands as reinforcement as when I knitted this cardigan for my mum I found the snaps pulled a lot on the wool.

I’m very pleased with how this cardigan has turned out, it goes really well with my 50’s style dresses and skirts. It’s lovely being able to wear it finally. 

Since finishing this cardi, I have started knitting another cropped cardigan using a different pattern, so far so good.