Super pleased!

I finally cast off the skirt of my wedding dress on Friday afternoon, it took forever, it was the longest period I’ve spent casting off ever. I’ve now washed the dress, dried it and tried it on, it fits perfectly. I am now waiting for the crochet flowers to be finished so I can sew them on. My mum is making them for me because I’m not as skilled at crocheting as I need to be to make these.




One photo is the dress bodice before I picked up stitches for the skirt, two is the skirt in progress, and three is the finished dress awaiting flowers being sewn on.

The wedding dress was knitted in Bergère De France Angel yarn, the colour is Violette, I love purple so much I had to have a purple wedding dress, and decided the best way for me to get the right colour and shape for me dress was to knit one for myself. I love knitting, and found a lovely pattern which with a few tweaks it has turned out beautifully.

I have started knitting the shrug I’ll be wearing with my wedding shrug, it’s going really well so far. It took me ages to choose the perfect yarn, but in the end I picked a beautiful hand-dyed yarn. I’m knitting it in Eden Cottage Yarns Titus, the colour is Coal, it’s a mix of merino wool and silk.


Hopefully I will have finished the shrug soon. Will post more pictures when I have made more progress.

2 thoughts on “Super pleased!

  1. It’s beautiful. What an achievement!

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