Something different

Good morning all :). Right now I’m finding it hard to go back to sleep so I’ve decided to stop trying. It won’t make it any easier. In fact I’m contemplating the merits of going downstairs and getting on with some knitting. I’m currently working on the skirt of my wedding dress, I have four cm’s left before I need to double the amount of stitches on my needles, I’ve already got 260 stitches, so my next increase will be interesting.

Its exciting getting things ready for my wedding. In a couple of weeks my fiance and me will be going to inform the registry office that we intend to get married next April (eeep). Which is exciting because then we will have a date, and can start looking at hiring a function room out or something like that :), oh and of course booking time off work.

I’ve been watching my mum crochetting flowers for my wedding, well it means I can have the colours I want and like, plus flowers that wouldn’t be in season. I’m really looking forward to it. I only wish there was a way to involve my hoppy furry bunnies in my big day.

In between all this knitting I’ve started reading the first Game of Thrones book, which I’m finding quite hard to put down. I’d heard it was good but also very brutal, well they weren’t joking about how brutal it is, but its also amazingly good. I’d have finished it by now but I have other things to get on with, like knitting, housework, work (sigh) and playing games. So I’ve nearly finished the book instead.

I’m going to be knitting a long sleeved shrug to go with my wedding dress, most likely in a sequined charcoal wool, thats if the Rowan wool I’ve been eyeing up will work with the pattern I’ve got. So fingers crossed because I think it would look lovely knitted in the wool :). I also need to find a slip or something to wear under my dress, but it needs to be long sleeved. I’ve already found a gorgeous pair of boots that I think are just right.

So thats my little update, hopefully next time I will have some pictures to follow :).


Half finished knitted wedding dress!

I finally finished the bodice of my wedding dress. It’s knit in the round, just plain stocking stitch, the neckline and armholes are finished with double crochet. I’m glad I found this pattern on ravelry.
I can’t wait to get on with knitting the skirt for this dress.