A New Years Gift!

I started making a scarf for my best friend as a gift for Christmas around the same time as I started my younger brothers Christmas gift. It was to be an extra to the jumper I had already finished. Well by the time it came to a week before Christmas I knew it wouldn’t be finished in time. So I thought, let’s make it a New Years gift.
When I had finished it I realised I had at least enough wool left over for a hat to be made, so looked through loads of hat patterns, baring in mind I’ve never knitted a hat so wanted something that was relatively simple. I eventually found one that looked perfect, and in between going to work and housework I managed to finish it relatively quickly, yey me. Then followed my idea, given that I still had the best part of a ball of wool left, I will make her some fingerless mittens with moss stitch on them, so I looked and looked, and then decided to modify a pattern to suit my needs.





So as a result I seem to have made my best friend a hat, scarf and mitten set with a spring green leafy goodness theme to it. I’m pleased with it, I just hope she likes it. Well she is a fan of green :).

2 thoughts on “A New Years Gift!

  1. The scarf is amazing!

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