Finally complete!

I finally completely the Entrelac lace shawl I was knitting for myself :). It has turned out better than I could have hoped for. As I knew I wouldn’t have enough yarn to complete it entirely in Entrelac, I chose to cast off in Entrelac while I still had nearly half a ball of yarn left and then pick up stitches along the top and knit in garter increasing at either end of the row. I’m amazed how well it worked. It was knit in Manos Del Uruguay Fino in Lila.






I have now moved on to learning crochet, and started making myself a crocheted scarf/wrap. Hopefully it’ll turn out well :).


A New Years Gift!

I started making a scarf for my best friend as a gift for Christmas around the same time as I started my younger brothers Christmas gift. It was to be an extra to the jumper I had already finished. Well by the time it came to a week before Christmas I knew it wouldn’t be finished in time. So I thought, let’s make it a New Years gift.
When I had finished it I realised I had at least enough wool left over for a hat to be made, so looked through loads of hat patterns, baring in mind I’ve never knitted a hat so wanted something that was relatively simple. I eventually found one that looked perfect, and in between going to work and housework I managed to finish it relatively quickly, yey me. Then followed my idea, given that I still had the best part of a ball of wool left, I will make her some fingerless mittens with moss stitch on them, so I looked and looked, and then decided to modify a pattern to suit my needs.





So as a result I seem to have made my best friend a hat, scarf and mitten set with a spring green leafy goodness theme to it. I’m pleased with it, I just hope she likes it. Well she is a fan of green :).

Hoppy New Year!

Well that’s another Christmas done and dusted. And another year gone, I hope you all had a good 2013, and I hope you have an even better 2014 :).

I will take this moment to show off the jumper I knitted for my younger brother for Christmas (which he really likes, that’s a relief).



I am very pleased with how it turned out. What is better still is that it actually fits him perfectly, so it it a good thing that I changed the pattern to resize it and used bigger wool and needles than recommended. I was worried that I had made a mistake in changing it, but it worked out pretty well. Plus the Crüxshadows symbol looks awesome in the purple, I chose to do it in purple instead of white, because purple is my younger brothers favourite colour and also it is a little more subtle than the white :).

I am now getting on with finishing the knitting of a shawlette for myself in Manos del Uruguay Fino, it is a gorgeous purple mix. I am using 5mm circular needles and working it in Entrelac (which is one of my favourite methods of knitting now). It looks like it will turn out beautifully.