The Crüxshadows, AlterRed and Into The Ether (7th August 2013)

The Crüxshadows, AlterRed and Into The Ether (7th August 2013)

I’ll start with, this was an amazing night. The performances of all three bands were brilliant. It was my second time seeing The Crüxshadows and AlterRed, but my first time seeing Into The Ether. Its a shame that Purple Turtle wasn’t a bit bigger, as the stage did seem a little small for its performers.

I really liked Into The Ethers performance, their music is definately something I would be interested in listening to more of. I wish I’d managed to get hold of the demo CD that they were handing out, but can’t be helped. I would highly recommend giving them a listen if you ever get a chance to.

AlterRed as very didn’t fail to amazing, they were womderful. I loved seeing the ‘dolls’, I know some people may view them as creepy, but I thinking they are damned amazing, and a brilliant alternative to dancers. I love how maniquin like the bassest and synth/sound guy are also. Plus Mikey’s performance was super. They are definately one of my favourite bands, ever. And I really think more people should listen to them. Plus they are all super friendly, which I think is a must. I can’t say it loud enough, this band is bloody awesome!

As for The Cruxshadows, well they were better than fabulous, they leave me lost for words on how brilliant their perfomance was. I love how Rogue hops in and out of the crowd and climbs up things around the venue. But not to focus just on Rogue, the rest of the band needs talking about also, David and Johanna’s violin playing was wonderful as always. I love how the use of violin in this music. Mike’s guitar was brilliant also, I always feel like Mike, David and Jen don’t get as much attention as they should (lucky me managed to get a picture with David this time :D). Jen looked absolutely gorgeous, as per usual, and played really well (amazingly). Different to last time, instead of dancing this time Jessica was on drums, and wow, how fantastic was she! The new dancers are stunning and well I wish I could dance like they do.

I really want to see them again now. It was a brilliant night, and thats why I wish
I could rerun it.