My happy rabbits

Well I’m happy to say that both Freya and Echo are as happy as ever. I had Freya parading around me with sheets of paper this morning. Then Freya did a big flop and roll over to show how contended she is. I’m glad their both happy bunnies.
I’ve slowly been getting on with knitting a pair of fingerless mittens for my best friend. The colour I’ve choosen picks out on the the colours in the striped scarf that I knitted for her. I’m still on the first on, mainly because I’ve been reading a lot lately. Its about time I got round to finishing some books. After I’ve finish her mittens I’m going to carry on with my blanket, and hopefully get on knitting something that my mum might like.
I recently finished reading Terry Pratchetts Dodger, and its very very good. I really liked it, but then I am a Terry Pratchett fan. Just as much as I’m a Tolkien fan. Saying that I’ve started to read the Hobbit again, as it is one of my favourite books, though everytime I read it I wish that the ending had been a little different.



I finished all my Christmas knitting projects in time for Christmas. And whats more everyone really liked the gifts I made them, I’m very pleased. Very pleased indeed. When I have a chance I will post up photos of finished projects. But I’ve been at work all day and am very tired indeed.

I’m currently knitting a pair of fingerless mittens for myself on double pointed needles. I started out working from a pattern, but I’ve modified the pattern and am now working something that suits what I want the mittens for. I want to be able to wear the mittens while knitting as I always have really cold hands so it will make a world of difference to me. After I’ve finished these mittens I need to start a pair for my best friend, only I’ll make hers fit the original pattern more closely.

Other than mittens to to working on I still have a blanket to finish, hopefully I can get it finished soon. But new knitting projects keep distracting me.