Project christmas pressie for my older brother…


This is the finished article. I’m very pleased that its finished and that my older brother likes it. Woooo.


One down, one to go..

Last Thursday I finally finished knitting the bag I was making for my mum, and I have to say it doesn’t look bad. I forgot to take photos of the finished article (silly me). But will do after shes unwrapped it on Christmas Day :D. So just waiting till then as with a couple of other articles. Its amazing what you can do with left over wool.

I’ve only one project left to finish now. And its nearly finished. I’ll post more about my knitting projects after christmas, as the current ones are gifts, and I’d rather the people who they are for don’t find out what they are.

Got to say there is nothing like knitting while listening to the Cruxshadows. It makes me happy and I knit a lot faster. So thats my time this morning before work planned out, knitting and music.

I’m planning a big woodwork project for the new year. I want to make a double tier hutch for Freya and Echo. Providing all goes well it’ll result in Freya having the bottom hutch and Echo having the top hutch as they can’t mix with each other without Echo getting frustrated with Freya.

Not much left to do


A picture of my lovely little Echo playing with a cardboard tube, as usual playing means mauling. She doesn’t go down Freya’s route of lolloping around the kitchen shaking sheets of paper.

Update on my knitting, I’ve one final section left to finish off pf the bag made from excess wool for my lovely mummy. Then I can start stitching it together :), I’m very pleased. As far as the jumper I’m making goes, I’ve done both sleeves and am now on to knitting the body of it, I think that providing I knit that nearly continually for the next couple of weeks it will be all done and ready for xmas. I’m so pleased.