Its done!

Last Tuesday I finished off my dad’s cardigan and on the Thursday I wrapped it all up. Here are some photos of the finished item. Its my first more complicated project.

I’m very pleased that is finally finished. 😀



Update on my projects. I’ve finished the creation I was making for my other half, that is now all wrapped up and ready for Xmas only I forgot to take a final selection of photographs, so I’ll have to do that once its been given. I’m getting on nicely with the cardigan I’m knitting for my dad. I started the collar, which meant picking up stitches. I’ve got to say, with my fibro it is really really hard on my hands and arms, as I’m basically knitting onto the garment its heavy and the stitches I’m picking up from can be hard to slid a loop of wool through. But I finished the collar in the end, and now I’m working on the button bands. Already picked up stitches for the one which the button holes will be on. I had to redo the picking up on that as I’d picked up one less stitch than I needed. But I’ve managed to get there in the end, so first row in so far. I think its all coming together nicely. But I do prefer just knitting away rather than piecing things together I think.
Anyhow back to my beautiful bunnies :D.