How many projects.?

Well currently I’m knitting three things at once, not literally at once, but as near as. I need about 7 or 8 more balls of wool for one project to finish it, but other than that its all going well. I’m mainly focusing on the cardigan I’m knitting for my dad at the moment, was very pleased with myself to have actually managed to do shaping for the first time, maybe not the best idea to be doing it on a big project like a cardigan but still, its working well. Was extra pleased with myself when I managed to work a pocket into the cardigan. Yes I am working from a pattern, but I’ve never knitted a cardigan, and I’ve never knitted pockets or done shaping, so I definately have a right to be pleased. On top of it, I’ve nearly been knitting a year now. I’ve still not finished the blanket I’m working on, but I’m slowly adding squares to it, but at the moment I’m focusing on things for christmas. I need to start the jumper I’ll be knitting for my older brother, I just hope I manage it without making a mess of it, seeing as it’ll be the first time I’ve knitted in the round.

I hope that Sam (my other half) likes the item I’m knitting for him, this is the project I need an extra lot of wool for, as originally I was going to knit something different, and still might if I get more than enough wool. But the thing I’m knitting (I’ll not name it, as I don’t know if he reads this) is going to be reasonably big, hence the need for more wool.

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