Another clean out day!

My beautiful bunnies, Freya and Echo are getting their twice weekly clean out today. Of course I have plenty of other things to do before starting to clean my little monsters out. Like some ironing, as usual Echo seems very interested in the ironing board legs, especially the feet, I think that if I left her alone with it she’d try to chew it to bits. As Echo and Freya have to be kept separate due to Echo constantly trying to dominate Freya and Freya refusing to submit, I’ll be cleaning Echo out first and then on to Freya once Echo has been put away.

The good thing is that Echo is much better at using the litter tray now, she used to refuse point blank to go near it, and would keep trying to get behind Freya’s hutch. But since putting boards up to stop Echo getting behind Freya’s hutch and putting the litter tray in Echo’s favourite piddle corner things have got a lot better.

Its a shame that both Freya and Echo insist on trying to nibble at my knitting or I’d be getting on with knitting my dads cardigan, as I’ve managed to start the right hand side now and am just starting to work on the pocket, its easier than I thought it would be, but then I’ve been making sure to work out exactly what the pattern is asking me to do, as I don’t want to make any mistakes. I even managed to do my first increasing cast on, which I’m pleased with.

Once I get to be good enough at knitting, I’ll try to explain things better when it comes to knitting, but right now I’m still learning myself so I’ll leave the explaining to people who have more than half a clue about what their doing.

Right I’m being nudged in the ankle by an impatient Echo, I get the feeling she might be wanting a little attention. So I’ll finished off here, as if I don’t give attention when she wants it, she is likely to start digging into my ankle. She definately doesn’t know what subtle is unlike Freya, who is much more placid and would more than likely just flop at my feet instead of trying to attack them, but this is why I love them both.


How many projects.?

Well currently I’m knitting three things at once, not literally at once, but as near as. I need about 7 or 8 more balls of wool for one project to finish it, but other than that its all going well. I’m mainly focusing on the cardigan I’m knitting for my dad at the moment, was very pleased with myself to have actually managed to do shaping for the first time, maybe not the best idea to be doing it on a big project like a cardigan but still, its working well. Was extra pleased with myself when I managed to work a pocket into the cardigan. Yes I am working from a pattern, but I’ve never knitted a cardigan, and I’ve never knitted pockets or done shaping, so I definately have a right to be pleased. On top of it, I’ve nearly been knitting a year now. I’ve still not finished the blanket I’m working on, but I’m slowly adding squares to it, but at the moment I’m focusing on things for christmas. I need to start the jumper I’ll be knitting for my older brother, I just hope I manage it without making a mess of it, seeing as it’ll be the first time I’ve knitted in the round.

I hope that Sam (my other half) likes the item I’m knitting for him, this is the project I need an extra lot of wool for, as originally I was going to knit something different, and still might if I get more than enough wool. But the thing I’m knitting (I’ll not name it, as I don’t know if he reads this) is going to be reasonably big, hence the need for more wool.