One Xmas Pressie Down!

Right thats the scarf I’ve knitted for my best friend entirely finished, so about time I posted up some photos of the finished project.


This photo shows the scarf after I first started it.


And another photo of the scarf not long after being started, the good thing about super chunky wool is it knits up really quickly.


The photo above was taken about two weeks ago, when I’d finally restarted the scarf and got back to knitting it.


The photo above was taken a week ago while I was on holiday from work, after seeing the Cruxshadows live :).


At this point the scarf became too long for me to photograph it entirely unless folded over.


The finished scarf photographed folded over a cushion on my sofa.


And hanging off the back on one of my dining chairs as well, its much too long to photograph the entire length of it now.
I’m so very pleased its finished, I’m carrying on knitting the scarf I will be giving as a gift to my mum, and thats going quite well. I hope to have it finished shortly then I can start something new. Also I’m trying to work out how best to put the Cruxshadows logo on to my knitting, I’m sure I’ll work it out.

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