Knitting, my beautiful bunnies and the Cruxshadows!

Well I can’t wait for the new Cruxshadows album to arrive, really can’t wait, the songs they played from it at their gig on Saturday 28th July 2012 were absolutely amazing. So to prepare myself for listening to it nearly constantly, I’m listening to them nearly constantly, as luckly me, I’ve got all of their albums and singles (well all bar the remixed songs, can’t abide remixes).
So my morning is almost as perfect as can be, I have my beautiful beasties (Freya and Echo my wonderfully beautiful bunny rabbits) for company in the kitchen, I’ve got my knitting to keep me busy, and I’ve got the amazing Cruxshadows to listen to. If heaven existed then this would be pretty damned close.
I’m currently working my way through knitting a long chunky striped scarf as a Christmas pressie for Sara (my best friend). And I’m also working my way knitting my mum a long ribbed scarf for Christmas too. I’m going to attempt knitting my brothers and my dad hats for Christmas. I know its early to be thinking about Christmas, but if I don’t start early then I doubt what I’m making them will be ready in time.
Back to thinking about the awesome Cruxshadows. I want to attempt knitting some items for myself with the Cruxshadows ‘symbol’ on, I just need to work out how I can’t work it into the designs of the things I would like to make for myself.

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