Knitted Crüxshadows Square

Knitted Crüxshadows Square

Took me a whole morning to work out the pattern for this, and just about 3 hours to knit the square up.


Finished Rib Stitch Scarf

I finally finished knitting the rib stitch scarf for my mums christmas pressie. So thought I’d post up pictures of it as I was knitting it and the finished project.

Here it is as I first started it:

And this next photo is of it a couple of days in:

I left off it for a little while and but this photo was taken in early June:

This is the finished project folded over a cushion:

And hung off of a chair:

And myself wearing the scarf, it is lovely and soft:

I have two balls of wool left so I’m going to knit them into a bag for my mum to use as she wishes :).

One Xmas Pressie Down!

Right thats the scarf I’ve knitted for my best friend entirely finished, so about time I posted up some photos of the finished project.


This photo shows the scarf after I first started it.


And another photo of the scarf not long after being started, the good thing about super chunky wool is it knits up really quickly.


The photo above was taken about two weeks ago, when I’d finally restarted the scarf and got back to knitting it.


The photo above was taken a week ago while I was on holiday from work, after seeing the Cruxshadows live :).


At this point the scarf became too long for me to photograph it entirely unless folded over.


The finished scarf photographed folded over a cushion on my sofa.


And hanging off the back on one of my dining chairs as well, its much too long to photograph the entire length of it now.
I’m so very pleased its finished, I’m carrying on knitting the scarf I will be giving as a gift to my mum, and thats going quite well. I hope to have it finished shortly then I can start something new. Also I’m trying to work out how best to put the Cruxshadows logo on to my knitting, I’m sure I’ll work it out.

Finished project

I finally finished knitting the striped garter stitch scarf for my best friend yesterday morning. I’m slowly going back over it now weaving ends of wool into it. Once its completely finished I’ll post up all of the photos of it. All I can say is my friend won’t have a cold neck this winter if she chooses to wear this scarf.
I decided last week that I would actually make an effort to make time for the things that I want to do. I’ve started up doing yoga on a morning again, so far only managing at most 15 to 20 minutes as it hurts my hands. But also I’ve started practicing violin again. Its about time I did things that I want to do, and stopped making excuses about why I can’t do them. Of course I can do them, I just need to make myself get out of bed and start them. But the fibro often gets the better of me when it comes to these things and leaves me making excuses, which annoys me.
I also decided that I need to make more vegetarian meals and make an effort to buy wholemeal pasta and brown rice, as I know I will feel better if I eat those. And I need to make sure to buy decaff black tea from now on, as I don’t drink green tea’s very often it doesn’t matter so much with those.
I hope to carry on in this vein as I’m sure it’ll do me good in the long run. Plus I need to carry on with the knitting as I intend to be able to make things for my friends and family to give as gifts.

Knitting, my beautiful bunnies and the Cruxshadows!

Well I can’t wait for the new Cruxshadows album to arrive, really can’t wait, the songs they played from it at their gig on Saturday 28th July 2012 were absolutely amazing. So to prepare myself for listening to it nearly constantly, I’m listening to them nearly constantly, as luckly me, I’ve got all of their albums and singles (well all bar the remixed songs, can’t abide remixes).
So my morning is almost as perfect as can be, I have my beautiful beasties (Freya and Echo my wonderfully beautiful bunny rabbits) for company in the kitchen, I’ve got my knitting to keep me busy, and I’ve got the amazing Cruxshadows to listen to. If heaven existed then this would be pretty damned close.
I’m currently working my way through knitting a long chunky striped scarf as a Christmas pressie for Sara (my best friend). And I’m also working my way knitting my mum a long ribbed scarf for Christmas too. I’m going to attempt knitting my brothers and my dad hats for Christmas. I know its early to be thinking about Christmas, but if I don’t start early then I doubt what I’m making them will be ready in time.
Back to thinking about the awesome Cruxshadows. I want to attempt knitting some items for myself with the Cruxshadows ‘symbol’ on, I just need to work out how I can’t work it into the designs of the things I would like to make for myself.