A scarf for my mummy!

So here are a few pictures of the progress I’m making of the scarf I’m knitting for my mum.
This is how it started off:

This is what it looked like a couple of days ago:

And this is what it looks like now at 85 rows in:

So far its going well, hopefully I won’t make any mistakes as I’m going along :)!


Knitty knit

Having finished knitting the marble yarn wrap for myself. I have now started knitting a scarf in rib stitch for my mum. I know I should be carrying on with my blanket but I for some reason feel the need to make my mum something. So hopefully she will like this scarf.
I might one day attempt to make a shawl or something like that using rib stitch I think it would look quite interesting. But its probably best just to stick to smaller things at the moment, because I don’t want to move on to big things too soon. But I do however want to try making a cardigan for my dad, so I’ve got to try and find a pattern for that which I’d be happy to work with. 🙂

Not long now..

Well I’ve been spending a lot of time on the marble yarn wrap, and its going rather well. This is how it looks now:

And here is how it looked just after I started the second ball of wool a few days ago:

So its not going to be terribly long now till its finished. After this I’ll do some more work on the blanket I’m making and I’ll have to finish of the scarf I’m making for my best friend.

My knitting

So before yesterday the last photo I took of my garter stitch wrap was:

Well I’ve done some more knitting since then and although its not much of a change, this is what it looks like now:

Although its not going terribly quickly, because I keep doing other things as well as my knitting, its progressing nicely. I do however need to put some attention into my blanket and figure out whether or not I’ll just do garter stitch squares from now on or stick to the same pattern as I was from the start of the blanket.

Funny bunny..

Freya was sniffing round Echo’s cage, standing on her back legs with the feet on the top of Echo’s cage. Its probably because when she goes in that corner and stands on her back legs I give her treats, but I’m not in the corner, so she didn’t get treats till I walked over and got them out, and then she tried to climb my leg to get at them. Its so funny when she does that. She’s now gone to lounge in her newly cleaned out cage, she looks sleepy :D.

I suppose once the bunnies have been put away for the day I’ll start vacuuming and put the rubbish out for collection. I’m still waiting for my council tax bill to turn up, as of yet they’ve not made any alternations, yet they should as now I’m entitled to a discount. Plus last time they changed my account number when my details changed, so I would assume that they would do that this time also. Until they send me my bill there is no point in me paying out any money to them as I don’t know how much to pay and into what account.

My wrap is going well, probably not as well or as quickly as it should, but lately I’m stopping and starting, I’m not always in the mood to knit, and when I am I’m doing other things at the same time, or I don’t have time to do so. But then its a hobby, its not essential that I do it all the time. I shall have to see if I can get an extra ball of yarn this week or next week if I can.

Right off to sort out cleaning up after the bunnies 😀