Inbetween my usual friday, shopping and paying rent, I’ve been knitting my wrap. I’ve come to the conclusion that I may have to buy an extra ball of yarn to get it to the length that I’d like it to be, hopefully the place I get my yarn will have another ball of the sort which I need, because otherwise I’ll be annoyed. I only wish they’d had three balls of the same colour when I went last time because instead I had to settle for just two balls. I wonder if I should have choosen to knit the wrap in a different stitch instead of garter. But I wanted to show off the colours of the yarn as it is knitted up, so I thought that garter would be the best stitch, because its simple and makes the most of the marble yarn.
As I’m going to be at work all weekend (as usual) I’m trying to fit in as much knitting as I can today, but its hard because I have other things to do as well. I need to sort out some turkey mince into portions so that I can freeze it. Hopefully that will go ok, I’ve never used turkey mince before, but I want to cut out red meat completely as it could be making my fibro worse, but then its hard to tell what really aggravates my fibro because there are so many things which could do.
Anyhow, going to get on with sorting out the turkey mince and cook up some dinner for myself as well.

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