So far….

Yesterday I spent most of the morning getting on with knitting the marble yarn wrap that I’m making for myself, its taking me a while to knit a row, because the wrap is 80 stitches wide, I’m just hoping that the yarn I’ve got to make it with will be enough, because I really do love the colour I’ve picked out. I was going to wait till I’d go a little further with my blanket, but I thought well I might as well just get on with it, give myself something other than small squares to knit.

I’m feeling a little nauseous and dizzy this morning, I’m not sure whether to attribute it to my small amount of food yesterday evening or whether its due to my fibro or period, its hard to tell sometimes. I’ve made an effort to have something small to eat, we’ll see if I feel any better later. I’m dreadfully tired this morning, and my neck aches. I’d put that down to work yesterday. It was stressful and quite busy for a Thursday evenings, so it seems to have set off my fibro a little more than it might normally.

Freya and Echo are being very cute, well Echo is, Freya is still slobbing in her hutch, but Echo is scampering about my feet happily, its ever so cute. I’d carry on writing only I need to start thinking about having myself a bath and then getting ready to go out to the shops.

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