What a beautiful morning!

Wow, for the first morning in a while I’ve looked out the window and thought “Oooo what a beautiful sunny day”. I hope it stays like this all week now. Although I’ve got to go to work to cover a shift tomorrow it’d be nice to not feel chilly for once.

I’ve just given my big Freya a insecticidal treatment, it’ll be little Echo’s turn tomorrow. I thought what with it being milder I’d better make sure their not likely to get fleas or anything else horrible. Plus to make Freya feel better I gave her a piece of banana, after all not only did I give her an insecticidal treatment, I also gave her rear a bit of a clean up. The reason I clean Freya’s rear is because she finds it hard to reach without falling over, so  to make sure that it gets done and that there aren’t any nastys down there I do it. The reason Freya finds it hard to reach without falling over is because she injured her left leg when she was a baby, and although there wasn’t anything that the vet could do to make it better as it appeared to be a soft tissue injury it doesn’t support her weight very well when she tries to clean. But enough of talking about my Freya’s bottom.

Today I need to clean the bedroom, and also make sure that it is clear of anything that might get in the way as I’m suppose to be having some new furniture delivered tomorrow. Which hopefully will turn up in the morning before I have to go to work, or I’ll have to take the bus to work instead of getting a lift. And I’ll have to wait till Thursday before I can rearrange the furniture in the bedroom. Thinking about it, I might swap some items of furniture around today, as it makes more sense to move them sooner rather than later. After all if I’m cleaning, I might as well move things which I need moving today.

I don’t know how I’ll manage to fit in any knitting today, but I’ll try, after all I need to finish the blanket that I’ve started making sooner rather than later. I need to knit at least 36 more squares I think. So it might take me a while longer.

Anyway, time to get on with putting my beautiful Freya away and start my house work.

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