Aching Feet

I hate the feeling I get when I’ve been stood up for several hours. My feet end up aching, and so does my back, its really quite annoying. The problem is that when ever I’ve been at work (where I am stood for hours on end) I have very achey feet, so if I want to do anything at home that involves being stood I have to wait till the aching has subsided.

However, this could be worse. After all if I didn’t choose to stand in the kitchen I wouldn’t get to use my laptop while the rabbits are out, as more often than not I have to have my laptop on charge on an evening. So this means that my two rabbits will attempt to eat the power cord if I sit on the floor with the computer on my lap. And unfortunately I don’t have a chair which I can use in the kitchen, so standing is something I have to put up with.

On the upside it means I get to spend quality time with my two beautiful bunnies, and thats something that should always be enjoyed. After all they enjoy it when I’m in the room with them while they are out.

No knitting this evening, not because my hands are aching with fibro pains and that makes it hard for me to knit without feeling overly crappy, but because I’m finding it hard to focus on anything at the moment. Mind you, when I have aching hands I tend to become a little clumsy, which is irritating. After all that last thing I want to do is drop my cups of tea just because my hands aren’t playing ball. Or when it comes to knitting I’m likely to drop stitches if my hands are overly achey. But usually I manage to knit regardless, although knitting when tired and having difficulty focusing isn’t a good idea.

Right thats the end of this post, back to watching my beautiful bunnies hop around.

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