Inbetween my usual friday, shopping and paying rent, I’ve been knitting my wrap. I’ve come to the conclusion that I may have to buy an extra ball of yarn to get it to the length that I’d like it to be, hopefully the place I get my yarn will have another ball of the sort which I need, because otherwise I’ll be annoyed. I only wish they’d had three balls of the same colour when I went last time because instead I had to settle for just two balls. I wonder if I should have choosen to knit the wrap in a different stitch instead of garter. But I wanted to show off the colours of the yarn as it is knitted up, so I thought that garter would be the best stitch, because its simple and makes the most of the marble yarn.
As I’m going to be at work all weekend (as usual) I’m trying to fit in as much knitting as I can today, but its hard because I have other things to do as well. I need to sort out some turkey mince into portions so that I can freeze it. Hopefully that will go ok, I’ve never used turkey mince before, but I want to cut out red meat completely as it could be making my fibro worse, but then its hard to tell what really aggravates my fibro because there are so many things which could do.
Anyhow, going to get on with sorting out the turkey mince and cook up some dinner for myself as well.


So far….

Yesterday I spent most of the morning getting on with knitting the marble yarn wrap that I’m making for myself, its taking me a while to knit a row, because the wrap is 80 stitches wide, I’m just hoping that the yarn I’ve got to make it with will be enough, because I really do love the colour I’ve picked out. I was going to wait till I’d go a little further with my blanket, but I thought well I might as well just get on with it, give myself something other than small squares to knit.

I’m feeling a little nauseous and dizzy this morning, I’m not sure whether to attribute it to my small amount of food yesterday evening or whether its due to my fibro or period, its hard to tell sometimes. I’ve made an effort to have something small to eat, we’ll see if I feel any better later. I’m dreadfully tired this morning, and my neck aches. I’d put that down to work yesterday. It was stressful and quite busy for a Thursday evenings, so it seems to have set off my fibro a little more than it might normally.

Freya and Echo are being very cute, well Echo is, Freya is still slobbing in her hutch, but Echo is scampering about my feet happily, its ever so cute. I’d carry on writing only I need to start thinking about having myself a bath and then getting ready to go out to the shops.

Music on a morning

I often find myself wishing that I was a singer, because there are so many songs that I would like to be able to sing without sounding like a yowling moggy. I suppose I will have to make do with just loving music, and trying to learn to play my bass, you never know I might get somewhere with it eventually.

This morning I’m quite tired, why, because I didn’t sleep very well, and also because its that time of the month. I’m always extra tired at this time, usually in a lot more pain and feeling a lot more uncomfortable than I am this time around. I’m quite happy when I have a more gentle period, because at least then I don’t feel like I’m being ripped in two at my middle. Its very rare for me to have a period where I can actually eat food at keep it down, but it seems that I’m having one. Last night I did wake up with rather a bit of pain, but some painkillers and lemonade managed to do away with that :).

Echo is a very bad little rabbit, I’m sure she tears at the newspaper I put down to soak up her pee on purpose. And I use paper because she always goes into the same corner (behind Freya’s hutch) and refuses to use the litter tray. I don’t like the way she goes behind Freya’s hutch, but everything I’ve tried doesn’t seem to work, so I’ve given up, at least she’s a happy little bunny, sometimes a grubby little bunny, but happy.

I managed to do some knitting yesterday, not a lot, but some is a start. Its hard when I’ve got other things on my mind, but now I’ve cleared a lot of things out its becoming easier, because at least then I know I’ve got less housework that needs doing, even though the kitchen needs a complete spring clean. Its about time I managed to spend time doing the things that I want to do.

I’m not sure if its a good thing, but I’ve realised, I’ve seen Lee every day since we broke up. I like spending the time with him, but maybe I should give him a chance to miss me properly. I still miss him, but in a way its a little easier. Yes I do still want him back, if he’ll ever take me back, but we’ll just have to wait and see what happens, its early days yet.

Sat on my lap

I do love owning my two beautiful rabbits. Its one of my days off work today, (I work four days a week, and two off those are at the weekend) and I stayed up a little later than normal last night chatting to people and playing xbox. Well despite my being slightly late getting up and letting the darling Echo out she keeps dancing round my feet, and when I kneel on the floor to see her, she hops right on to my lap and sits there licking my dressing gown. I think that its absolutely adorable. I hope that Freya will be equally pleased to see me this morning, if she is she will usually prance up and down the kitchen with paper waggling around. I do so love them.

As far as my knitting goes, I’ve not done any for several days now, because I’ve had so much on my mind. So instead of doing knitting yesterday morning like I would have normally, I rearranged the entire living room, so now it looks less bare and empty, it feels more homely and cosy, like a living room should. I’m going to try and get back to my knitting as soon as possible as I really want to finish my blanket. Once I’ve finished my blanket I’m going to start on my best friends blanket, which will be in the same colours , only I’ll be adding in greens, reds and such like to make it a little brighter and more autumnal. As far as interspersing oddly patterned squares I think I’ll do her’s a little differently to mine, and try to stick to particular patterns more than others, as it will make stitching them together so that they look good a lot easier.

Me and my ex are still talking, still getting along well. Yes I still miss him being here. But I’m still seeing him, he lives about 5-10 minutes walk away from me now. I don’t know if anything will happen again between us, but I live in hope. As he is one of the only men I know that I feel completely comfortable around. So we’ll just have to wait and see what happens. As it is I seem to have recruited him to help me out in learning to play my bass, as I only seem to get so far with the books. I think it’d be helpful to have a hand from him, yes he plays guitar, yes I know guitar isn’t bass. But I can’t afford a tutor, and the time spent with him will be nice.

I’ve probably not done my fibromyalgia any favours recently, due to my inability to eat much more than a tiny portion of food, and also due to my having a couple of drinks last night while gaming. Plus as I should be avoiding red meat I need to find a good alternative to lamb or beef mince, only problem is when I looked in the supermarket last I couldn’t find the kind of mince I wanted. So I’m not sure what I’ll end up using, but I don’t want to get quorn or anything like that as I appear to have a slight intolerance to it.

I’m debating, if it manages to remain nice outside into the afternoon I may well attempt a little gardening, as my garden is a little over grown, mainly because its a bit of a pain to go out and do it. The reason being I have to lug everything for the garden down the stairs and then out across my neighbours plot into my plot, though originally I was told that the whole of the front was mine, but she’s obviously claimed it for herself, the pains of living in a flat and not a house :(.

Anyhow, I’d better hop off, wash up and so on. Will try to post something again soon.

Two years ago today….

In reference to the title of my blog, today was the two year anniversary of my boyfriend and me. Only problem is that we broke up today, thats a heck of a celebration. Thats ruined my day, completely. I was going to go shopping this morning. I was going to try spend some quality time with him, but it seems that instead of that I’ve spent most of the morning crying. Now he needs to sort out moving out all his junk, and I need to sort out informing the council that he doesn’t live here anymore. God I feel terrible.

I’m trying to work out what to do now, because my brain seems to have just stopped working. I won’t write too much about this, I don’t want to go into details of what happened, other than I really wish that we were still together because I do love him, and all I can think is I’m going to be so lost now. I’m trying hard to now think too much because I only start to cry again. I need to get on with some housework, I need to do a lot of things but I can’t right now because I hurt so much inside.

Right I’m going to finish off here now, I’ll try to come back soon and write something more.

What a beautiful morning!

Wow, for the first morning in a while I’ve looked out the window and thought “Oooo what a beautiful sunny day”. I hope it stays like this all week now. Although I’ve got to go to work to cover a shift tomorrow it’d be nice to not feel chilly for once.

I’ve just given my big Freya a insecticidal treatment, it’ll be little Echo’s turn tomorrow. I thought what with it being milder I’d better make sure their not likely to get fleas or anything else horrible. Plus to make Freya feel better I gave her a piece of banana, after all not only did I give her an insecticidal treatment, I also gave her rear a bit of a clean up. The reason I clean Freya’s rear is because she finds it hard to reach without falling over, so  to make sure that it gets done and that there aren’t any nastys down there I do it. The reason Freya finds it hard to reach without falling over is because she injured her left leg when she was a baby, and although there wasn’t anything that the vet could do to make it better as it appeared to be a soft tissue injury it doesn’t support her weight very well when she tries to clean. But enough of talking about my Freya’s bottom.

Today I need to clean the bedroom, and also make sure that it is clear of anything that might get in the way as I’m suppose to be having some new furniture delivered tomorrow. Which hopefully will turn up in the morning before I have to go to work, or I’ll have to take the bus to work instead of getting a lift. And I’ll have to wait till Thursday before I can rearrange the furniture in the bedroom. Thinking about it, I might swap some items of furniture around today, as it makes more sense to move them sooner rather than later. After all if I’m cleaning, I might as well move things which I need moving today.

I don’t know how I’ll manage to fit in any knitting today, but I’ll try, after all I need to finish the blanket that I’ve started making sooner rather than later. I need to knit at least 36 more squares I think. So it might take me a while longer.

Anyway, time to get on with putting my beautiful Freya away and start my house work.

Aching Feet

I hate the feeling I get when I’ve been stood up for several hours. My feet end up aching, and so does my back, its really quite annoying. The problem is that when ever I’ve been at work (where I am stood for hours on end) I have very achey feet, so if I want to do anything at home that involves being stood I have to wait till the aching has subsided.

However, this could be worse. After all if I didn’t choose to stand in the kitchen I wouldn’t get to use my laptop while the rabbits are out, as more often than not I have to have my laptop on charge on an evening. So this means that my two rabbits will attempt to eat the power cord if I sit on the floor with the computer on my lap. And unfortunately I don’t have a chair which I can use in the kitchen, so standing is something I have to put up with.

On the upside it means I get to spend quality time with my two beautiful bunnies, and thats something that should always be enjoyed. After all they enjoy it when I’m in the room with them while they are out.

No knitting this evening, not because my hands are aching with fibro pains and that makes it hard for me to knit without feeling overly crappy, but because I’m finding it hard to focus on anything at the moment. Mind you, when I have aching hands I tend to become a little clumsy, which is irritating. After all that last thing I want to do is drop my cups of tea just because my hands aren’t playing ball. Or when it comes to knitting I’m likely to drop stitches if my hands are overly achey. But usually I manage to knit regardless, although knitting when tired and having difficulty focusing isn’t a good idea.

Right thats the end of this post, back to watching my beautiful bunnies hop around.